October 23, 2013

One brilliant IDEA, "The Guest Writer." The thought had passed my mind, but I let it pass one too many times. But there are exceptions. This time its my cousin (family before all) who came up with this "I empathize with you" worthy post. But that's not all. I am sharing this because it brought back memories I knew I had been missing all along. So here it is for your reading pleasure. My advice - find your 'disc' pencil and let your dream soar high up (and beyond).

Aastha Shrestha


     Yesterday I was taking the trash out of my room and something caught my eye in the dustbin, a small, white 'disc' pencil. It took me back to when it all started, my dream of being a writer someday. I took it out from there, with a smile on my face and a heart filled with immense joy and frustration how childhood dreams slowly faded away like the faint vanilla smell of my favorite candles..

     I remember being as passionate about reading as I was about writing or dancing.

     It is surprising how that little pencil made me want to be that child again, that girl with those wide shiny eyes, who was always looking for another book she wanted to read, her favourite pencil packed in her bag along with a spiral notepad, wearing her dancing shoes and her dance moves always ready in her head..

     It sure is a funny feeling when all that you ever thought you would do when you grow up don't match your reality and you name it your hobbies now.

     As you see a child now, their little eyes never stop shining.. And their little hands never stop pointing at things that catches their eyes..

     They're always wishing for a future they may or may not be a part of.. 

     And even though circumstances didn't allow us to be who we dreamt, people like you and me should still make sure they dream.. 

     As for me, little things like that pencil will continue to light the long-lost fire in my 'eager but passionless' eyes.

They'll always leave me thinking.
May be..
I'll always be that 'little girl' in the back of my mind..

- Aastha Shrestha.

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