November 22, 2012

Love trumps Hate.

"Perhaps you're right, but the fact is that man has used weapons ever since he lived in caves - first to kill animals, then to win power over others. The world has existed without agriculture, without domesticated animals, without religion, without music, but never without weapons." - The Devil and Miss Prym.

     Movies often exaggerate. I understand though. Drama leads to better ratings and that leads to better business. And myannn, do I get emotional (bites my tongue) while watching some of the emotional Paso-Doble onscreen! War movies to be precise, leaves a trial of sadness and moves me to the point where I decide to become a peace warrior (that is until I crave my evening coffee and forget all about my mission). Such is our life. Such is our reality. Okay, moving on.
     Talking about reality, the current state of the world baffles me. News channels have been reduced to mere portals that mostly deliver sad news. But such are the current affairs. I blame none. Yesterday, I stumbled upon 19 minutes long video that showed how war struck Palestinians coped when they were showered with missiles. I stayed silent. And I still fail to transcend into words how it felt while and after I watched it. What if that was me in their place? The thought itself scares me. My heart and spirit reaches out to those who are living there and experiencing what no human soul should ever experience. Yes, it baffles me. Can a human heart be so brutal as to inflict such degree of pain onto others? Or have they evolved to the point that they have become heartless? I wonder and stay clueless.
     I have taught myself to believe that true test of one’s character comes under two particular instances. First when he has the power and second when he has none. Valiant are those who make a right choice under conditions so deplorable that even the higher power will shy away. The video I am so shamelessly discussing featured such silent heroes. Under such adversity, when even God can be questioned righteously, they chose to hold onto their faith. Under the chants of “Allah ho Akbar” they dug under the rubble and unearthed the corpses of many lifeless children. Bleeding mothers making promises to the terrified children that the things will get better, that the better days will come. The weeping girl, child herself, soothing her infant sibling over the dead bodies many of whom she knows. The human emotion was so palpable. The sound of bombs still audible, blood still flowing, external wounds still fresh, internal would that might never heal. Such is their life. Such is their reality. Yes, I saw some silent heroes and I offered them a silent salute. Would I do the same under such conditions? Can I be such a hero? Can I be one of those who holds on to their faith under such unspeakable circumstances or would I simply declare my God dead and falter from my original system of belief? Can I be that parent with the promise of the better world? Can I be that brave child who is now forced to grow up way too early? Can I still be positive under such brutality? And most frightening question of all – Do they still have the future? Everybody deserves happiness and they have been denied theirs so mercilessly.
     I do not write to preach. I do not write to chant hate-slogans or to point out who are wrong. Because, frankly darling, we know it all. I write to help myself to settle my thoughts which would otherwise disturb me. I write because I do not understand. I do not understand why their story is so ignored. Let us not jump to conclusion here, media has its part to play but do we have no responsibility as a citizen of the world. Why did not my school teach me about this which has now been going on for more than two decades but instead taught me about revolutions around the world that took place even before my great grandparents took their first breath? Do we study small-pox or AIDS? Is not AIDS priority since its current and challenging us right now? Similarly is not educating ourselves in Israel-Palestine situation more important than French and Indian revolution? But we have our savior, “Internet” which is a very good teacher but the question is do we have what it takes to be a good student? Shall we at least give a try? May be we are the hero under hibernation. Just maybe!
     Of all, the thing that really baffles me the most is how resilient we are as humans and that no matter how much we claim we do not care but eventually we end up caring. Because - deny as much as you want - we are wired to care, to sympathize and at times to be so inspired that we act upon to bring the change we want to see; that the love for ones we love and care is greater than the tragedy at hand; that the process of repair and hope is our first nature. I guess what I am trying to say is that love trumps hate. Stay inspired.