August 30, 2012

until life responds back...

     "And above all else, remember : Life is infinitely more awesome than what you see on a postcards and Facebook photos." With this I ended the conversation with the friend who was mulling over the fact that he feels trapped and that life is just not shaping up the way he wanted. Sure, we've all had the moments of crisis. We've all done considerable soul searching and panicked. But it is easy to forget how perfectly life works out. When you are down, you believe that things never work in your favor. But if you look back, you see that, in many cases, things happened exactly the way they needed to be.

     My friend's brother just travelled all the way across the globe to Brazil. Took ample pictures with Cristo Redentor, walked on the sandy shores of Copacabana. Posted around 200 pictures (seriously!!!) on Facebook just to make sure everyone knows he made it there. It was both of their dreams to go there. And now that his brother made it there, gives the considerable reasons to get some mini pangs in his heart. I understand the feeling completely. I mean, if life had been as I imagined it to be I'd have travelled half the globe by now. Not to mention how incredibly filthy rich I thought I'd be by this time. We've all got the word for it, "DREAMS." And simply because its not happening now doesn't mean it won't happen ever. Sometimes we eye the grass on the other side of the fence so much so that we forget and ignore the green pastures under our feet. And pastures aren't bad either. My friend, still young, has done pretty good job as well - he's got a decent job, steady relation (5 years is good), travelled a lot (and sure Brazil is not too far). Sometimes, we just need to butt our head against the wall and come back to our senses. For all I know his brother is stalking my friend's Facebook and feeling bad over tons of stuff he's missing out on (including the friend like me, yay)! So dear blog buds don't you dare to forget that the  life is infinitely more awesome than what you see on a postcards and Facebook photos. Keep dreaming until life responds and gives you a grizzly hug. Stay insanely happy.


  1. *Itni khushi* :') Inside we all know that life is what we make of it; that part needs to be nudged around once in a while and your blog post just did that for me, and hence I am khush !

    1. nobody's been this happy to be nudged around i guess. stay khush :))

    2. I am a dreamer and a believer. Don't stop dreaming. I always see the things that I have rather than what i dont have. Happy-ever-after-ness Ronzana and Strophs.

  2. I need reminders like this too!
    Sometimes things don't work out the way I planned and I feel like a total failure too and I tend to give up a lot easily.
    Thanks for the word.
    Love this post totally.
    and hey about the comment on my blog-THANK YOU. We are friends indeed :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

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  4. Mister, i might just come up to you from now on, whenever i feel like a failure... :)

  5. Dreams are oxygen for us. It gives us hope for happenings. So be patient for happenings. Would you like to visit my blog.

  6. there's always the right time for everything...and when what you have been waiting for for a long time finally happens, you will realize it had been worth the wait. :) keep dreaming!


stay insanely happy ♥