August 19, 2012

happy-ever-afterness :))

"There's an ancient Chinese myth about the red thread of fate, it saids the gods have a red thread around everyone of our ankles and attached to all the people whose lives are destined to touch. This thread may stretch or tangle, but it'll never break." - Touch.
     I know not what destiny is. I know not what destiny means. I know not if I am a believer of destiny. But daddy destiny sure is an interesting thought. Probably connecting with so many of blog readers just like yourself is what they call destiny. Come to think of it - We aren't related, are we? We aren't from same place, are we? But we are connected somehow. May be this is destiny. When I started this blog - I was like a kid in a new city, new country. It started with formal salutations. Later progressed to semi casual conversation. I decided to join twitter and there I found people who so enthusiastically supported me. And now, a year later, we still talk. May be this is destiny.
     I left my home to pursue education. It was all new - country, city, language... everything. 5 years later I marvel at what life has given me. Friends I call family. Job and life I esteem. May be it was my destiny to come here and meet them all. Must be destiny, must be.
     I know not what future has in store for me and I know not what destiny is. But I thank all of you who came into my life and made it merry. I hope destiny brings us faraway travels, beautiful moments, cash to flash, worthy fame, good life, happy-ever-afterness and so much more. Here's wishing you all better days and new friends. :))


  1. I can super relate to the part where you talk about moving away from home and making the new place your abode.

    I think Destiny depends on our choices too. When you want something unfeignedly, God helps you move closer to it. It is yours' and The Holy One's joint effort.

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. can't disagree. choices not chances :))

  2. uhmmm you are growing up tweet buddy. hope destiny brings you happiness and more friends.i am happy to say i followed you in twitter. stay insanely happy as your own words and live life to fullest.


stay insanely happy ♥