July 27, 2012

Newborns are such delightful creatures.

     My latest Facebook feed reads, "Today I watched a mom deliver a healthy baby girl. Not a movie like experience since I could literally smell the blood and sweat but amazing nonetheless. Newborns are such delightful creatures. To all the moms out there… I salute you. =))"
     Teehee. I woke up and it was like any other normal day. But then something amazing was about to happen, I was about to witness the birth of a baby. It was a long wait but then it happened. As an intern I really wanted to watch a delivery. Life in its few initial moments. And this was a day for me. It was my first and for that tiny creature who was in the world for barely few seconds, I felt the surge of emotions. I'll be insignificant later in her life but for me it'll always be the first. Meanwhile, I thought about myself. I thought about my mom and the excruciating pain she had to go through to bring me into this world. I thought about all the people who were there in the room when I came into the world. Did they feel the same way I did? I wonder.
     Lets cut to the chase. July 26th, 2012 (9:40 am) will always be important to this newborn and her mom (yes, it was a girl). It's somehow important to me too and I decided to let her know that. But how exactly could I make it happen? Oh'well I decided to write. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning I'll leave a note / mini letter to her mom for her to read when she grows up. I already know what I'm going to write. I know its silly but I really want to do this. Imagine you getting an anonymous letter from a random stranger stating how ecstatically happy he/she was when you came into the world. That'd just make your day, wouldn't it? And I want her to feel that. I want her to feel loved because everybody deserves to feel that way. From the purest part of my heart I wish for her to get the best that Universe has to offer.
     Secondly, I decided to call my mom to state the obvious one more time that I love her. But, I'll postpone the call. I'll let her know how I felt when I meet her in person. She knows I love her the most but it doesn't hurt to express it often. The mom today was going through lots of pain. Nurse cleaned the baby and handed it to her. And pronto she wipes her forhead, smiles and says, "she's beautiful" maintaining a steady gaze at her baby. It was, as the world states, "a perfect Kodak moment." For a span of time there she forgot about the pain, she forgot about her un-stitched vagina (oopsy!) and she forgot about the world. As she adored the baby I adored them both. That was me and my mom decades ago (I feel old!). 
     I've always loved the beginning. Beginning of the school term, new years etcetera etcetera. Beginnings are always full of possibilities. And for that newborn its the beginning of the beginning. Awesome. =)) I haven't blogged for a while and I'm happy I waited this long. Brightest day ya all. Stay insanely happy.