May 28, 2012

Imagined our way through childhoods.

''Mum, I'd be back in a bit."
"Finish your homework first... Shailesh, come back before dinner."

     Fuck Facebook.  Outside… the original source of social networking! Ahhh... Kids today could probably learn a lot from putting technology aside for a second or two and getting out to enjoy the outdoors like we did growing up. They (as in parents) would call our names out on top of their voices, time and time again, to come inside for supper or a bath. Scarred, bruised and  heavy hearted (in fear of mumsies shouting at us), we'd return back home.
     I guess, outdoors was safer place back then. Man we sure would climb that guava trees only to be bashed later by Yamuna auntie (Oopsy! had to name), adopt those mongrel dogs (and would give 'em some weird local names Kaale, Khaire, Nakaale, Haku), fight for cheap bets. And as for our imaginations! Oh boy could we have fun with a piece of wood. I remember once I had this round metal. I'd play with it and turn deaf ears to my mum's protest for days. Later, my dad had to take it away (turned out it was a door knob). I was so upset. It was shiny and metallic and all the other kids wanted one. We just imagined our way through our childhoods and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
     And don't even let be begin about outdoor hiking and mini picnic. As I look back, am glad those things happened. I don't remember watching Jurassic park at home (actually, I do. Hello it's like my ultimate favorite movie). I don't remember playing video games with my cousins (don't recall much). But I remember how we promised each other among our friends to run through the graveyard at night (and we did and I was terrified), I remember how one of our friends was bullied and most importantly how we took his side and fought valiantly, I remember I fell into... (am such a motormouth. Shall not and will not discuss where I fell), those midnight ramblings on the balcony, phewww!!!
     Much on contrary, kids now days flash their motion sensor kits, PS3's, X-box. I'll bite my tongue and that admit these amenities are pretty darn cool but they've no idea that they are denying the "making of wonderful memories" they'll cherish later in their life. I just hope they get the chance to balance it out after all we meet real friends out in the wild and not while down with wire. And you Facebook addicts and Tweetaholics garb on to your sanity and just balance it out. I'll try to do the same. Until then how about organizing a picnic. Or else Friday night getaways. Do me a favor and get DRUNK while at it. Tell me how it was :)


  1. Full of memories. It also remind me of my own blog post >>>>>

    Write something like this often. :)

  2. This is probably a bit unrelated but I don't GET why parents let their little kids (kids - referring to those who are just in the 6th/7th standard) browse Facebook.. they even get them mobile phones. I got mine after I graduated Junior High (SLC) Seriouslyy.. I really think children will have ample time to socialize through FB when they grow up..Now we have to witness little souls losing their childhood cause' of these very social networking sites. Why are parents hurrying to see their children grow into adults? They eventually will. The internet world for kids is just absolutely harmful.. there's no doubt about it. Okay maybe I went a little overboard with this.. or not. Haha. Anyhoo, love this post.. :) You're such an emotive writer. I love that!

  3. Childhood memories are ingrained so deep in our minds, your blog really made me visit them again. Today's generation is missing these stuffs, and nothing can be done about it. Perhaps this is what they meant when our teachers gave us this essay topic in school - "Technology - Boon or Bane".

  4. totally agree with you!!! sadly it will get worst by years coming!!


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