May 23, 2012

Donkeys would have done a better job!

     "The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He hears nothing, sees nothing, takes no part in political life. He doesn't seem to know that the cost of living, the price of beans, of flour, of rent, of medicines, all depend on political decisions. He even prides himself on his political ignorance, sticks out his chest and says he hates politics. He doesn't know, the imbecile, that from his political non-participation comes the prostitute, the abandoned child, the robber and, worst of all, corrupt officials, the lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations." - Bertolt Brecht.
     Wise words. I hear "I hate politics" a lot. I read "Politics is a dirty game" a lot in self introductory write-up section on Facebook and what not. Display of talent might not make you cool but expressing, "I hate politics" might just do the trick. Am done reading the idiots for whom politics is only "a dirty game" and full stop. I agree, politics is not at all the lucrative job that people look up to especially in our part of the world. And who do we blame? The one playing the game or the ones turning a blind eye to it all?
     One teacher in my school had once told us, "there can be one bad doctor in the system. He might mess up some lives but number is still ignorable but the bad doctor (oh'boy) will go onto destroying the country." And as fate would have it the ones ruling the county right now are donkeys (correction : Donkeys would have done better job at it). They've proven not only incompetent but embarrassing all at the same time. I remember watching this video where this woman says "reproductive" instead of "republic" in an international forum. Had it been a blunder I would have been forgiving but they just sent a wrong person for the job (when we all know that the right ones ate still unemployed and desperate). Auntie'ji, I appreciate your effort but do me a favor and stick to Nepali next time instead of English. You can barely pronounce the name of the country and you are onto representing the country. I highly doubt it.
     I hate it when some politicians open their mouth. They are neither well spoken nor can they charm me with their ideas. If its up to me I'd flush them down the poo hole for good. The news baffles me too. Political news should be about future, about plans, about tomorrow. But not ours. Noway. Its more like a gossip channel. What happened yesterday, who said what and angered whom. Shove it down your back side bitches.
     I like Rajesh Hamal because he is educated re. I understand his well spoken-ness charms you all. But he is an actor for crying out loud. His degrees doesn't make him a good actor. I wonder if they've watched his movies (let alone one movie) to deduce that he's their favorite actor. Its like saying Shailesh is the best architect (if you see me designing some buildings - would love to) when I've been educated to be a doctor. The education must fit its domain. Babu Ram Bhattarai might be educated but is he really? Is he really educated to be a politician (???). The point is there ain't any fit people for the job. At least the one who stands out. 
     Its like all the politicians are in the car (lets say Lamborghini), they know how to drive, road is long and clear, people are cheering for them. But why aren't they driving? They chose to play dumb or worse considers us dumb. Instead of driving they chose to take a nap. Hence, the frustration among people. Can't they see what days and months of protest have led us to. And they did the worst of all things recently. They've started and fuelled the civil violence and possible out break of civil war. We are Nepali first and those jackasses need to come back to their senses or commit suicide. Once one of 'em promised to make Nepal into Switzerland in the matter of few years. Seriously??? Just show me the progress - no matter how small. I don't need Switzerland or the Wonderland. I'd better stop now. I am far off the topic and ventilating my anger out. I make no sense (I know), spare me :)


  1. makes some points at the beginning but u mess up at the end!

  2. I like your points like how most of us ignore politics, when it is the most important thing for a country, choosing the person to lead our country is the most important duty and yet we ignore our duty and cry out for our rights! If we can't fulfill our duties then we hav no right to demand our rights. but again its hard to choose right leader from bunch of morons whose ultimate intention is to make fool outta us. finding the right person to lead our country is like finding a needle in the haystack. I wish we had system like in other developed countries with only two political parties where PM are elected by the people, maybe it wud minimize the conflicts, well its just a thought.

    And another thing i agree with you is how some undeserving/incapable people are representing the field they know nothing about while the deserving and efficient manpower are either ignored or forced to leave the country or settle with some menial jobs! thts y sumtimes i think it wud rather be better if we stop arguing about equality and just give priority to those who r efficient and deserving.

    1. *just give priority to those who are efficient and deserving*
      -liking the thought there!

  3. Happens when you are so frustrated with the ignorant lot, the uncivilized and selfish politicians - like each of the 2.7 million Nepalese.

    1. we can always pick up form here! am sure there are still some intelligent ones. like us (may be)!


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