April 10, 2012

this too shall pass*

     I tend to talk upbeat. I try to talk positive. And dear readers, get real that doesn't mean that I'm upbeat and positive 27 X 7. Whenever negative emotions wraps me in its bubble, I handle it in the only way I can; by AVOIDING IT. I've, often times, mentally bookmarked that in life, "YOU NEED TO FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT." But can we really convince ourselves that we're happy when we aren't. Hence, I propose a new theory, "feeling positive is lot more important than being positive." Light, white, love, saint these words exists only because of their opposites dark, black, hate, devil. Think about it; you hate someone and that makes the people you love that much meaningful. Saints are blissful because of devils (not that am suggesting love-hate, saint-devil are interdependent). So the question lingers how do we deal with negatives?
     While ago I had asked a similar question (in one of my many blog posts) and I had answered myself, "get distractions." Distractions as in meet new friends, YouTube funny videos, blah blah blah. But here's the catch... they are merely distractions after all and thus, the pressing matter of heart still remains. Ain't no real solution I say. So what do we do? I donno if you ask me. I don't have a fucking clue.
     I'm a positive person, MOSTLY. But things have their way of getting into my head and pissing me off. What got me to writing this particular blog is the negative feeling garnered after having talked to my best friend. Urgh, even best of friends can piss you crazy sometimes (no elaborations, ya'll know that just too well). I'd say you'll never understand how negative you can be if you've never truly been in love. The feeling of jealousy and possessiveness are really heightened when you're in love. Showing you in bare naked way how vulnerable truly you're and how easily hurt you can be... no matter how strong you pretend to be. The sweet pang of love have hurt us all in ways which we all now chose to ignore.

     I had drafted this blog post (I don't know for how long) and now I forgot the purpose and motivation behind as to why I was writing whatever I was writing (oh'crap)!!! *Thinking... still thinking!!!* How do I conclude the post now. I've no fucking clue as to what I was thinking while I was writing this blog post. But continue and deduce a conclusion I must.

     (Out of topic) Long time ago one friend had told me that we can barely trust ourselves, let alone others. She gave me an example. Ten years ago if I had asked her as to what her favorite color was, she'd have answered "Red." Years passed and now she'd pick "Blue." Point to be noted. How can you claim to have judged a person correctly when you can barely judge your own characters and choices. Similarly, I had a certain motive while I was writing this blog post. But instead of finishing it, I chose to draft it (such lazy bum I'm)!!! And now I've lost that original motive but found a new one. That is "you think whatever you have to think (good, bad or evil) at the present but know for sure that you'll feel something else later in the future. So cut yourself some slack and enjoy. You might be obsessed about that bitch who you hate so much now but in near future tables will turn; you'll prolly drown in passionate love with someone. And while in such good feelings and relations remind yourself that they might not last forever. So try to grab onto it and enjoy it while it lasts."
     The conclusion to the blog post might be completely different from the original idea but not any less intriguing; that our ideas will change, so will the people we choose to love. Motives will change, so will the choices we make. Nothing is permanent - Health, Wealth nor Beauty. Yes, everything is temporary - Troubles, Embarrassments, Pain. Grab onto the good bits and try to hold onto 'em. I leave you all with my favorite quote. And don't you all just read it. Think about it.
"Drink wine.
This is life eternal.
This is all youth will give you.
This is the season of roses, wine and drunken friends.
Be happy for this moment,
this moment is your life."