March 16, 2012

between the ticks and the tocs.

     Much awaited Friday is here. And it's a day off. So, practically weekend starts right now for me.
     It's 7:53. Way too early for me to be up and typing. I used to love getting up early (back when I was a high school kid). Mini morning walks and walking a dog were such delights. To sum up I had fun creating a the time to savor my morning. And today am thinking what happened to that guy!!! Time devoured me and I'm not a morning person at all, not now. PAUSE. I just opened my curtain. I drink in the rising sun like a cup of coffee.
     Past few months I've been busy travelling and attending people who came to visit Shanghai. Even as I type I've a friend in a room who came to visit me from across the continent. Needless to say we've been busy city trotting and planning new things to do. That apart, school keeps me busy. With so much going on in my life, I've realized how easy it is to get caught up in where you are going in life - rather than enjoying where you are.
     And where I'm is right here. It's between the two solid second hand sounds of the clock that life happens. I've actively participated all my life - in terms of decisions and choices, in creating the life I have right now. All the choices and people I've met led me to this very moment where I sit and type. And instead of taking in a long breath and savoring it, I find myself looking ahead of me. Yes, it's between the silent and swift tick-tocks of the second hand of the clock that life happens.
     PAUSE. Thoughts shrugged off. I remind myself "Quality of the present time is all that matters. Make it Joyous." I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee and dedicating a day for myself (Whoelse???). And wishing you all the same - Day Full of Joy. Yay*


  1. I NEVER was a morning person and i still am not but it's just the work that makes me wake up early in the morning.Friday morning and coffee already sounds relaxing hai hehe.Good day!! :)

    btw,how come each of your post gets 125 likes ALWAYS?...such a fyaaamous u r :P

    1. fyi, 'em likes are for the blog not the posts. i got bored while editing - it's such a tedious work. so i just let it be. will revamp later. not willing to do now.

      i know u r a coffee person! its plastered all over ur blog. drink up!

  2. blech. i hate mornings. school...
    love coffee thoug. starbucks always kicks me up.

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  4. *though. thanks for the comment though meant alot to me. dunno where your follow button is but ill surely check your blog out :)

  5. I never was a morning. Mornings are beautiful but I cant leave the bed at that time. Too lazy to do that. Nice post :)

    P.S. I read your introduction. I liked it a lot.

    P.P.S. Keep writing. You are doing a fab job

    1. always feels great to be appreciated!!! great day here and what do i see... ur encouraging words. ty's for that. i hope you find reasons to come back to read again. ciao!!!


stay insanely happy ♥