March 25, 2012

I brush my heart everyday!!!

     We eliminate the odour, wash off the hands to get rid of dirt's, dust and vacuum our place, do the dishes, remove the stains, polish our shoes, brush our teeth, mop the floors, shampoo our hair, trim the plants, white-wash the walls, dust the shelves and books, service our cars, get unwanted things off our sight. Exactly, we throw away the unwanted. When I speak of unwanted its mostly to do with the things exterior. But, much greater plague lay in our hands. The kinds that medicine can't cure and the kinds that tears us apart, eats us from inside. Often times, although by no means always, we forget its not the things we need to get rid off. Its the heartbreaks, grudges, regrets, depression, anger, doubts... but we go on with life without trying to fix them. We might look shiny and clean but we become the walking, breathing tragedies.
     When it comes to THINGS - we keep the best ones close to heart and sight; let go of unwanted "tad too easily" in a heartbeat. And that's how it should function. HOLDING ON - either to things or people have never proved beneficial, never proved worthwhile. We should train and teach ourselves to let go of not only the unwanted things but people who pulls us down and frictions the happiness we deserve. Let go of whiners, unkind's, complainers, bullies, heart breakers, motor mouths, gossip mongers, everybody who are pulling us down.
     When we let go of unwanted things, we make more space for wanted. Similarly, letting go of people who who we don't want in life makes more space and time for the ones we want. Let go of things that aren't useful, beautiful and joyful. Make space for wanted. Let go of people who brings the worst in you out. Make space and time for those who helps you to face the sunshine. I am, by no means, suggesting you to be selfish but aware. Aware that our time in earth and present moment is limited. Keep close - to things and people - that will serve you the greatest and highest good.
     And I'm NO expert. I've started applying  this theory recently in my life. I've started making more time for the people I love, like and care. People who make my life meaningful, beautiful and joyful. Make time to write emails, make mini-phone calls, send post cards, buying meaningful gifts (not the 11th hour compensations). Its a process and I intend to hold on it it. Cheerios blog-buds!!! P.S. How often do you brush your Heart?

March 21, 2012

am an artist's muse.

     I smile, my stomach flutters - Oh'yes I'm prone to flattery. I remember when I was in school we were given this school project to write about somebody that makes you happy. Somebody wrote about me. It was embarrassing but flattering nonetheless. But this post isn't about me. Its about an artist (and this is a genuine stroke of compliment). I don't blog as much as I used to. Primarily because I decided not to blog about bullshit. I decided to blog about people - people I know who inspires, who aspires and who are interesting. But I gave in to my studies and work. My idea got rusted and was stored in "One day I'll blog about this" domain. I let go of the idea after I stumbled upon similar blog post with similar idea material. It was by a dear blog buddy Shaku and I didn't want to be accused of plagiarism. Now, I've figured and convinced myself its not about me but about the talent in question. I wanted to write about many people, one among them being Amrit. I had stumbled upon  his blog  and was bowled over by his undeniable talent. The talent only few possess. The masterful stroke of genius. I admit I stalked  his blog  and I wasn't shy to let him know that he had earned a loyal fan (fan it is!!!).
     Talent is a gift. You might or might not possess. Some are masterful speakers, others are musically inclined. Some run, some knit. But then there are some few whose talent involves people. For example singers entertain the listeners, dancers amuse the audience. One of such unconventional talents is sketching. And my dear blog readers, Amrit is a gem of an artist. He has this tandem of amazing sketches uploaded in his Facebook that displays some random people and their montaz of emotions. He often, although by no means always, sketches faces of people. Personally speaking I've tried my hand at sketching. Its not my thing and its an easy thing. It needs patience and certain degree of concentration. Amrit, you've got things working on your favor. Keep those hands moving. The stroke of a charcoal sketch will lead you to stroke of colorful future. Take things stride by stride and wait for the wonder waiting to unfold.
     I've had my sketches made before. The difficult part in looking into your own sketches is not identifying it. You don't see part of yourself in the lifeless sketch. Last time I had my sketch done I gasped and exclaimed with a look of disapproval. It just wasn't me. But this fine morning I woke up to stumbled upon a sketch tagged to me on Facebook. And to my utter surprise I saw myself. I saw so much of me in that picture. And that's how I know the artist, Amrit, is a good one and in here for a long haul. Might I remind you all I haven't met this person. He did it all through this one picture uploaded as my Facebook profile. And that's call's for cheers and applauds. Such masterful observation. I for one, am happy to have served muse to one talented soul. Amrit, you've earned a loyal follower and I've a feeling there's many more to come. So pat your back, face the sun and tell yourself "I'm one hell of an Artist." and an artist you rightfully are. Kudos and applauds. All in all, I'am glad to have served as a muse to one of your gazillion creations.
That's me! I wanted to share more of his sketches but am not sure if I can do that without his permission. So, spare me. Follow the the link below to check his blog. 


March 16, 2012

between the ticks and the tocs.

     Much awaited Friday is here. And it's a day off. So, practically weekend starts right now for me.
     It's 7:53. Way too early for me to be up and typing. I used to love getting up early (back when I was a high school kid). Mini morning walks and walking a dog were such delights. To sum up I had fun creating a the time to savor my morning. And today am thinking what happened to that guy!!! Time devoured me and I'm not a morning person at all, not now. PAUSE. I just opened my curtain. I drink in the rising sun like a cup of coffee.
     Past few months I've been busy travelling and attending people who came to visit Shanghai. Even as I type I've a friend in a room who came to visit me from across the continent. Needless to say we've been busy city trotting and planning new things to do. That apart, school keeps me busy. With so much going on in my life, I've realized how easy it is to get caught up in where you are going in life - rather than enjoying where you are.
     And where I'm is right here. It's between the two solid second hand sounds of the clock that life happens. I've actively participated all my life - in terms of decisions and choices, in creating the life I have right now. All the choices and people I've met led me to this very moment where I sit and type. And instead of taking in a long breath and savoring it, I find myself looking ahead of me. Yes, it's between the silent and swift tick-tocks of the second hand of the clock that life happens.
     PAUSE. Thoughts shrugged off. I remind myself "Quality of the present time is all that matters. Make it Joyous." I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee and dedicating a day for myself (Whoelse???). And wishing you all the same - Day Full of Joy. Yay*

March 14, 2012

Something snapped and keeping it. Thankfully am liking it.

     Every true, eternal problem is an equally true, eternal fault; every answer an atonement, every realization an improvement.
    Habits are like few bolts in a huge body of machine. I've come to believe that thoughts and intentions cultivate habits. Habits are how we put up with the world and the world puts up with us according to our habits. Some are loud, some chirpy, some have nervous leg shakes, some bite nails, some are nosy, others bossy. List is endless. I'm a big mouth (don't read motor mouth). Impulse has been a driving factor to me. Impulse has made me make hasty decisions, made me do things I wouldn't do without that adrenaline rush, made me do things that makes me proud and some regrets. Yes, some regrets. Impulse has made me snap at people countless times. I've come to learn its also impulse that cultivates habit not only intentions. It comes from a very personal and very proud place when I talk of an impulse. Something happened yesterday. I said and did things I probably shouldn't have said or done. But then, again I'd do it again million times over. Yes, impulse comes handy. It frees you. Impulse made me snap and speak. I think it's linked to the realization that we're not going to live forever and that the way of saying and the language become more important than the story.
     Or is it that the factual story is the real deal. Fact deserves to surface. If snapping out is the way - so be it. Something snapped and am keeping it. Thankfully am liking it. I accept, am not in a happiest place now but things will get better. This feeling too shall pass. Down comes the rain - up comes the sun. But realization is a beautiful thing. It helps to clear the clouds and appreciate the good in life - good things and good people. And I don't have good ones - I've great ones. I can't possibly put in words how incredibly lucky I've been with people. Universe has been kind I've the greatest friends in the world. They're my extended family. Yes, realization is a beautiful thing. I realized something yesterday. While pursuing the life of fantastic and mundane I knowingly ignored the the friendship I was supposed to entertain. Yes knowingly. And after realization it hurts me more than anything to have ignored the shining spot of my life. My love, it was my loss. Things are clear now and I've realized some people are like rock in life. You might slip sometimes but you'll always stand above it. Cherish those rocks. I sure do.
     I've also realized some habits rescue you. I snap hence, I'm super. I'll keep that impulse of mine. I've realized I'd rather keep some of my bad habits. Judge me by the worldly yardstick - big FUCK YOU! Goes without saying - If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure don't deserve me at my best. Miss Monroe knew it all along, it took me a while to realize.

March 4, 2012

World always looks brighter from behind a smile!!!

     When walking home from the evening walk few days back, my best friend told me that he finds Chinese to be very friendly people despite the stereotype to the contrary (Currently I'm in China). I had to agree. Chinese are nice people – even though they tend to be loud and annoy the tip of my skull. But truth be told, I’v always found people friendly – wherever I go. The country, province or city seems to make no difference.
     It seems to me that the biggest variable is the observer himself. If you greet the world with a smile, the world will smile right on back. Of course, the opposite is also true. The energy that we put out into the world returns back to us in the same form. Because I am friendly with the people that I encounter (a big proud brag), they tend to reflect that same energy back at me. Kindness begets kindness, and smiles are contagious.
"The world is a mirror. Be the reflection that you want to see."
Did you smile today?