February 19, 2012

A real big thank you*

Yay! Its my blog birthday (Actually... one month late) ;)
     I have big lips and I use it well - I smile widely (What were you thinking pervert!). Waking up is a hard ordeal. I forced myself off the bed and after freshening up I read one small message in my Facebook inbox. I smiled and I replied. All along my heart shouted mini YAHOO's.
     It was around this time last winter that I started blogging. I jumped in dark and didn't know what I was getting myself into. Little did I know I was entering the whole new world where I'd be befriending appreciative souls. Simply put - world can be brutal sometimes and, once in a while, you need to hear the kind words. And I did in ample amounts. When I started, I didn't really care if I'd have 2 readers or 200. Just the fact that you all have stuck along means a lot. A REAL BIG THANK YOU. Many of you responded and messaged me personally. Just so you know - its well appreciated and treasured.
     I started a blog of my own without knowing what blogging is. I created this blog to reply to this one particular post. What started with reply mission became a big part of my life. I got onto twitter because of a blog and met whole lotta people. MILLION DOLLAR THANKS.
     I hesitated but in hindsight am glad that I put myself out there. And one thing I learned is that if you put yourself out there, then the Universe responds. I even got myself a job. There's been few mean criticisms - primarily because of my choice of topic (don't touch religion!); but more encouragements. And with each appreciations you take things into your stride and march forward. Blogging is a hassle in China. You have to sneak into blogging domain through proxy but I won't stop - I commit that much (no matter how terribly slow it will get!). I love each one of you and I'd give each one of you one big grizzly hug if I could. until I post again, "Stay Insanely Happy."

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  1. Though i already congratulated you previously, i congratulate you again. It's somewhat same story for me as well. But i came to twitter first and then blogging. Either way it's great to have a blog of your own isnt it? Keep it up. :)


stay insanely happy ♥