February 17, 2012

Blind corners??? Seek a second opinion.

     Seeking a second opinion! Oh'well how hard can it be?

     While on a road, blind corners are everywhere. The roads are narrow and walls extend right out to meet the curb. It is inconvenient at best, deadly at worst. From the driver’s seat of a car there is just no way to see what is around the corner. The only help is a mirror on the other side of the intersection. If you look into the mirror, it is like you are standing in a different position. It is like you cross the road, and now have a clear view straight around the corner. This is the only way to see around blind corners. Looking from this different position makes the way forward obvious. In life, blind corners are everywhere. You are dealing with a problem or are faced with a challenge and you just can’t see the solution. You are blind to the solution because your perspective is limited by the position you are in. You can’t see the way forward because of who you are, what you believe and how you normally behave.
     Doubts mean don't. But in the times of doubt, its best for you to seek a second opinion just so you can plan your next step. Life - easy or hard - has its way of judging us. We are tossed, beaten and pushed to the blind corners of life; there, we all behave in the only way we can - by doubting ourselves. Such conditions are lethal... and hence we need to seek second opinion just so that we can resurrect and rejuvenate ourselves.
     And thank UNIVERSE that there are those who plays their part in re-kindling hope within us, thank UNIVERSE that there are those who honor the fire within us. Dear readers, we all have bright future; so bright that it burns my eye (Ewww!!! I just made it sound so tacky). Listen to those who believe in you. Meanwhile, bid adieu to those who don't (kick 'em out if you have to). Don't believe in me??? Oh'well seek a trustworthy second O!

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