January 22, 2012

*Make thyself happy*

     Fuck grammar!!! For a change let's treat Happiness not like an adjective but like a noun. Yes, a noun. Let's treat it like an object we are supposed to chase after. Feelings (adjectives) are distorted, you can't exactly weigh emotions but objects (nouns) on the other hand are visible and hence approachable. I shall hereby repeat - 'nothing comes automatic (unless there is fairy god mother who's willingly waving her magical wand), so work towards what you want.'

  • If you've people who are dictating your life and telling you that you can't do certain something, punch them (not literally) on the face and show them that you can. And in case you fail, hide yourself under the table for sometime. Trust me you are more resilient than you think.
  • Let go of 'I don't care attitude.' Everybody cares about what the other people says. Why do we care? Dang, because they are people. So hold your calm and do what you gotta do. Things will get better.
  • Okay, I understand you'd not go to the person and literally (like literally) express that you care about 'em but show that you care whichever way you can. You wouldn't want to die before 'em knowing how much they meant to you (Did I just say death, Oh!!! Dark subject).
  • Let yourself be happy. Cut the crap and crappy people out of your life. Hold the close ones tight. Buy yourself things - your favorite chocolate, that dress you want, that gizmo you've been eying on, every this and that you want (Here's the catch - bargain if you can and try not to run out of your credit).
  • Drink hot chocolate, indulge in alcohol (drive safe), get more sunshine, keep touch with friends, initiate a phone call (don't give excuses like "i was going to call you"), laugh, dance and Facebook (Life is simple).
  • Read good books. Hate reading... then watch good movies. Go outside and travel. Try new foods and meet people. People are  perennial source of entertainment. Happy people makes you happy.
  • Bitch about people you don't like (know who to bitch to or with). It does good to you when you let go and ventilate out the negativity. It makes more space for good. So bitch and let go.
  • Ask for what you want: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! So just say it!
  • Stand up if you want to be seen. Speak up if you want to be heard.
  • We are not standardized, processed sausages meant to look, taste and feel the same. Be glad that you are weird and different.
  • Show that you are happy. Go and be sad when you have to. Express when you are angry.
  • Remember, the things I wrote up there (and I was thinking and typing simultaneously) are just a reminder. We all know what to do. The real question is why don't we do it. And answer to that I don't know myself. But once in a while, all you need is a reminder. So, last in the list should be the reminder that we all deserve to feel good and be happy. If you love yourself and life that much, you'll have to work towards it.
  • Before I go, I just want to say Fuck my List. Make your own and boogie your life away. After all, nobody knows you better than yourself (super chiché ) so, just follow your gut feeling. If your gut feeling fails you. Simple, follow the next gut feeling that follows. YAY!!!
P.S. When you make your list, do it in less than 5 minutes. Over thinking will lead you nowhere. Hasta luego.


  1. thanks for posting sucha rejuvenating write up...im gonna bookmark it and read it whenever i feel low :)

  2. Nice one. Thats the first post of this year. Keep blogging my dear. And Happy Chinese New Year.

  3. "Fuck my List. Make your own and boogie your life away." Hahaha. I just cackled a glee!!! Loved this post. You really do have a way with words. 3 cheers to that.


stay insanely happy ♥