December 3, 2011

MTV cribs taught me to dream big!!!

Part 1 : As of now.
     Its cold Saturday afternoon. I've been listening to "papi chulo" like dumb blond. And out of nowhere a thought crossed my mind, "follow your gut feeling." I know cliched but its powerfully true at the same time. And it suddenly became "A need to blog this moment."

Part 2 : Papa don't preach!!!
     Nobody knows you better than yourself. So you might as well put logic's to rest and follow your gut feeling (you see, gut feeling is not exactly like hunches!!!). At least you'd end up doing what you feel like and there's nobody to blame except for yourself. *Wowser* The core of man's spirit come's from new experience. And our audacity to chastise ourselves to not experience new empiricism. So go chase a dream. Chances are that you'll achieve some percentage of the things you want (if not 100%)... but the fact of the matter is that you might achieve it all. I'd be a hypocrite if I say I've followed my gut feeling all along. I was one of those kids you know, the kinds who weren't sure of what they wanted from life and to be honest am still confused. When opportunity presented itself (I got full scholarship / ahhh... stop am I'm not bragging or I'm) in a medical school, I grabbed it. But was I sure of what I picked was the right thing for me? "HELL to the NO!!!" Oh'yes, I risked it all and thank gosh it's working out for me. I plan to do something else though. Something related to medical field yet something radical. And you guessed it... I'm in confused state of mind. My gut feeling says finish the med school (1 and 1/2 years to go), get the medical license and I'll figure out the aftermath when I have to. Cross the bridge when you get there.

Part 3 : Look who's talking!!! *eye-rolls*
     Let's say if I weren't playing it safe, what would I do then? Oh'well I always wanted to start the magazine of my own (which kinds... I donno), I always wanted to be documentary film-maker (I twaddled about it while in school, to the point almost everybody knew about it), I always wanted to open chic bar in Ktm town (o'course I've it all figured out in my head)... Oh!!! wishes, dreams, whims but as Pussy Cat Dolls would put it, "careful what you wish for coz' you just might get it."

Part 4 : Uncle Universe, will you make my dreams come TRUE?
     I believe in THE UNIVERSE. I believe if you really want something (not the whimsical one's), like really want something; UNIVERSE has its way of giving it to you. You just need keep your eyes wide open. And dreams do come true, just one at a time. If you've been dreaming of huge well furnished condo with swimming pool and all (MTV cribs might have influenced your dream here #just sayin') chances are that you would get 'em. Here's the catch, "one at a time." And who knows you might just get better than what you bargained for.

Part 5 : Fanciful Footnote *yay*
     First of, follow your gut feeling. Some will get angry, some disappointed but life is so very short. You blink once and there's the new day. So just prioritize yourself and rest will follow. (Oh'no, I sound selfish o.O).
     So I'll continue dreaming and quite possibly Uncle UNIVERSE will respond to my not so futile dreams and you'd one day come visit me in my bar (in Ktm town o'course). Sipping, reminiscing and reading my magazine just next to the fireplace mantel where I'll put all my awards won as a documentary film-maker. And I read somewhere that, "it's not the dreamers who dream in their sleep who you should be afraid of, it's those who dream with their eyes wide open." So dream on *losers*

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  1. hahhahhahah one of the most funniest yet nicest post. google thing is so so funny, LMAF. Those things you said about opening a bar haha few of my male frens dreamt of that as well, i guess guys like ladies bar :P. the last pic is funny like a kiddo 'It's ok for me to have everything i want'.cool. btw hope i will be presenting you that award for your documentary film and write an article about you in your magazine. let all the losers dream on, yay!!!


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