November 24, 2011

YOU ungrateful spoilt rotten brat*

     I don't come from the culture where Thanksgiving is celebrated with enthusiasm (in fact, we don't celebrate it at all); but I love the concept behind it nonetheless. We all have our challenges - early morning classes, foreign language, friends and dramas - but we also have tons of things to be thankful for. Here's few things and peeps am grateful for right about now.

0. I'm thankful for the Facebook "LIKE" button - its the easiest way to pass by without commenting!!! Also for "RE-TWEET / FAVORITE" on Twitter.

1. All YOU guys :: I've come in touch with so many people through this blog - some I've friend-ed. I'm thankful for all those encouraging e-mails. I've saved each of those e-mails and each time I read 'em, I smile - enthused to do better. You know who you are.

2. Super spunky parents who never ask me about my school grades (I'd be in trouble if they do). Not that am suggesting they've poor parenting skills but that they've done their job well and they believe me with absolute certainty.

3. I'm extremely thankful that (one day) my boredom led me to randomly search blogs and YouTube that inspired me to create a blog of my own. I've met most inspiring people over on the Internet.
4. Super grateful that I keep meeting right people in my life. 2011 was no exception. If you believe in the concept of god, I can say with billion percent certainty that god love's me. I'm grateful to my friend who stay with me through thick and thin.

o.k. making the list is proving to be hard. am literally gnawing the tip of the pen and thinking... not.

5. I'm grateful for the blessing that always seem to goes unnoticed and that we take for granted, like a beautiful summers morning and the fact that I am have been blessed to be alive and experience. I'm also thankful that my routine permits me to sleep through those mornings. I'm more like a night person, but I like the concept of being the morning person.

6. Thankful for chocolates, booze, cigarettes and ... !!! What would we do without 'em.

7. Facebook, without which I'd be out of touch with my folks. Literally!!!

8. GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA :: How would I complete my homework otherwise? Google + Wikipedia → Copy → Paste → Change words a little → Print → HOMEWORK FINISHED.

9. For having those people in life who never fail to say that are proud of me and also for those who pinpoint my faults. You need both kinds.

10. And to those who are reading this blog post. I mean writing to myself would be lame otherwise. Thank gosh you're reading it. Now tell me what are you most thankful for in the comments below...


  1. 1. Thankful for those who write wonderful things for us to read.
    2. Thankful for everything you wrote above(except for the understanding parents,they nag me for MORE grades) and for number 6 (i dnt do chocolates, or booze or cigarattes)
    3. Thankful for being alive.
    4. Thankful for being me and not someone else.
    5. Thankful for smileys :D

  2. I agree with Ronzana here. Thank god you are writing and we are reading. Keep your spirit high and write. Love your blog my first ever blog buddy. You also inspire me.
    Cheers :)

  3. 1. Thankful to those blog posts which always leave behind a smile on our face after we read them.
    2. Thankful to INTERNET that connected all of us.
    3. Thankful to everything(good things and bad things)
    4. Thankful to this comment box :)

  4. any hints to increase blog hits? i

  5. wish i knew the secret (if there were any)!!! i regularly visit and read ur blog. u r among the good ones (no kiddin'). just keep up the good work.


stay insanely happy ♥