November 10, 2011

u just ve one LIFE. keep it simple.

     I haven't been blogging for a while now. There's just too much to write and talk 'bout. I want to write about the crazy nights I have had with my friends, my mini travels and this new book I am reading. All in all, I regret staying away from the blog.
  • Lately, I've been out of touch with my blog buddies and I absolutely hate it.
  • Lately, I've been partying a lot (my bone hurts).
  • Lately, I've been struggling with trust in people who I thought I could count on (just so you know the trust in question is already restored).
  • Lately, I've been missing Kathmandu.
  • Lately, I've been doing much needed soul searching.
  • Lately, winter is saying 'ello and I already miss summer warmth .
  • Lately, I've been meeting new people and they inspired me topics to blog 'bout (which I'll do in few days time).
     This (lately) list can go on for ever. On to deeper issues now. Its amazing how our heart feels the strata of emotions. Given a right circumstance and push we all are capable of feeling divergent emotions. Past month I got to experience potpourri of emotions - Love, Hate, Anxiety, Agony, Happiness, Confusion, Doubts. And after all these potpourri of E's I deduce - its totally incapable for us to hold onto one particular emotion.
     I've always known (or convinced myself) that its near impossible to capture and hold onto one particular emotion to eternity. You love someone and sooner or later you fall out of it. You hate someone and soon enough you'll be guilt bound, forgiving. You miss someone and not so far in the future you'll recover (remember : out of sight = out of mind). The sad reality : sometimes people are replaceable. I am, at times, put off by this expletive; but other times pleased by its (life's) novelty. Sometimes we carry our emotions down our sleeves or get carried away. There are times we loose control and emotions take over. We argue, complain. But this necessarily isn't a bad thing. Arguing ventilates the anger within us. Bad is removed so that we can make more space for good. Complaining shows that we care. So whenever in bad situation remember good times ain't far away. Go crazy, banter ballistically, punch the wall, skip meals, throw tantrums but take a deep breath and remind yourself - this feeling shall pass. "Down comes the rain, up comes the sun" and sun always brings warmth and sunshine with it. So look forward to your (possibility) of happy ending.
  • Lately, I've been really HAPPY. 
  • Lately, I've been getting ample laugh.


stay insanely happy ♥