November 13, 2011

(not) saving the best for last!!! urgh***

     Saving the best for last is a saying that we’ve all heard. But who started it? And, really, what were they thinking? Recently I read, 
"Saving the best for lastAs best as I can tell, the saying has a military origin. As advancing armies approached, archers were urged to save their best arrows for closer combat. Though “save the best for last” may be good advice for medieval archers, I think it’s anything but sound for you and me."
     My brother always eats his not so favorite foods first. He starts with the vegtables. Then the salad. And then finally, when everything else has been consumed (and might I remind you by this time he’s already a bit full), he indulges in the burger that he wanted from the get-go. My mum saves the best sweets / deserts till we are done with dinner (without a doubt I REBEL). When I get myself a new fancy shirt my dad wants me to save it for a proper occasion (seriously???). I bet there's somebody in your life who have pledged to follow the saying SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST till their last breath. My reaction, "shrug off this attitude."
     Just a reminder, life is very short. Don’t put off the things that you want to do – or else you may run out of time to do them. You are so worth the indulgence of whatever it is that you want right now – be it a new career, a long vacation for your self, virginity (touchy subject, oopsyyy) or even a burger. All you have is the here and now; enjoy it :: Stay insanely happy!!!


  1. Such a didactic post. Really loved it.

  2. hahahhahhahahahah to be honest I'm the one who never actually saves anything. sometimes i regret but most of time m happy bout it. what's the point saving all for the last n u might never really get a chance to use it. and 'virginity' hahhahahaha wonder how u came up with the topic hahahha.


stay insanely happy ♥