September 20, 2011

choose happiness

*crazy laughter facials; runs in the family*
     My mum hates it when I mention her eccentricity to my friends. But, then again, she's such a rich source of material, I can't help but think the universe wouldn't have paired us together without intending me to exploit her insanities for your reading pleasures. I absolutely love her. She's always been there for me and needless to say I've learned a great deal from her.
     I was brought up in pretty liberal family. There's never been the groundbreaking rules set by my parents that I was expected to follow. But, as we all know, the kind of family you grow up in contributes in shaping up your character to lesser or greater degree. Obviously, my family shaped mine too.
     I've been a very happy kid as far as I can remember and one thing my folks (family or friends) know about me is that I value happiness way too much. HAPPINESS, just like any other things (assuming I can call it a thing), doesn't come automatic. You need to choose happiness in order to stay happy. And likewise, my mumsie chooses happiness all the time. She's the happiest person I know. Not that she's not bared and dared the harshness of life. But despite it all, she chose happiness. She almost never complains about anything. She flashes her dental's every chance she gets and people respond accordingly. She laughs and makes sure that people around her gets enough laughter as well. To me, she's the epitome of what this particular quote defines "HAPPIEST OF PEOPLE DOESN'T NECESSARILY HAVE THE BEST OF THINGS, THEY JUST MAKE THE BEST USE OF EVERYTHING THEY HAVE."
     And am glad her character (sort of) rubbed onto me a bit. We are all going to hell anyway (i.e. if you believe in the idea of hell and whichever way you chose to define hell), so we might as well chose ourselves. Chose happiness. Chose things that pamper us and makes us happy. And along the way make sure you share some with others. Stay insanely happy my blog-buds. FYI children call my mum *haasne auntie*


  1. Hey Strophy, show them teeth haha. Haasne auntie lai namaskaar. Seems like you're missing family and especially mummy and food prepared by her since Dashain is nearing. M lucky that this time after 10 years my parents are here with me in Festive season. Keep smiling, regards to Hassne Auntie and her hasauney chora (U).
    Cheers :)

  2. hey shailesh....loved it....indeed u r one of the happiest person i as u are always....:) khoi kaile bhetne ho...:(


stay insanely happy ♥