June 24, 2011

let's make it less weird...

     Lemme first complete the sentence. "Let's make it less weird, when we meet." Meet not in Twitter nor in Facebook but am talking about the actual meeting. You know, flesh to flesh - blood to blood. Its like we know each other. I mean we've been discussing our daily chores with each-other and to lesser or greater degree, I know each one of you but here's the catch... (wait for it) ...we're still strangers in theory!!! You know I was of those kinds, kinds who didn't advocate internet dating, internet friendship. I didn't chat much and still don't (spare me and ignore the tweet-chats)... What I really mean is that I neither SKYPE nor MSN much; infact am barely online. But come Jan 2011, I decided to blog and tweet. Hence, the change in daily pattern. Soon I realized, I have OCT (read Obsessive Cumpulsive Tweeting). I was sharing pervy jokes and chatting randomly. But do I look like am worried? Nah! Am totally loving it and the best part I don't know why! And here I am contradicting my past theory that friends can't be made online. I mean, are there any rules to friendship properly? Is there a friendship bible? The answer is obvious... and that is "I MAKE NO SENSE." LOL. But the pressing matter is AM HAPPY. And universe knows there is nothing I value more than happiness. When you've right state of mind things look beautiful, life becomes easy and goodness walks right into your life. I also believe real source of happiness are people. Surround yourself with best of people and feel the change in you.

     Well o'course I exaggerated. Real source of happiness is when you stumble upon "sac full of dollar$." LOL. Cut the crap. My tweet and blog buds. Right this moment, as I type, am happy. And I duly credit this awesome feeling to each of you. I assume you guys are smart enough to know who I mean. But just in case you're stupid I'll tag names at the bottom of this post. So next time I see a friend who is going gaga about new found internet girl-friend, guess what I'd say, "Did you plan the baby's name yet." Told ya am pervy (and my name reads shy-less). Stay insanely happy.

~~bandit'queen(shaku) / chotu(sambi) / rabin(wat's ur pet name?) / neemboo(tekang) / sexy-lexy(J.B. is mine) / my brag-partner(trisha) / chloe(keep pampering me) / alice(esther frenette) / girl on the move(wat's the real name?) / korean-khana(aarati) / arun / circus much(jeuel) / subegrg(teehee*we discovered TnF)~~


  1. I also never believed to make frens through internet but i did. I thanks internet for dat but all the effort goes to us isnt it. :) i imagine wat our reactions wud b like wen we meet just randomly without planning hehe. Keep smiling n b insanely happy.
    P.S. His name is Vampire (Camuel, Strophicus), Lutera, Fire, S-Trophy, his son's name cud b Catostrophy(one of a joke Gangsta Samby pulled out), Made In China Doctor Dang(acc to Rabin aka Rap-In), etc etc. Namecalling each other as we go along. :P

  2. Agreed...Friendship has no rules.and i think all those ppl around us who make us happy anyway are our friends, be it tweet-buddies or real life buddies.
    Thanku ppl for making twitter such an amazing place.
    And Strophy bro, thanks for your writings, quotes (and pervy jokes :P)
    Btw,looks like im the only one w/o a nick name here :D

  3. Itz the closest One can get to definition of friendship. You dont have to be face to face all the to be friends. COz our wordz is what communictaes.Internet Creates bonds as it reduces distances between people. For eg Strophicus Tweets a joke From Shanghai and I laugh here In Kathmandu and vice versa.

  4. hehehe feeling like blessed soul. thanks Shailesh :)

    And i too hope we won't have real and painful awkward moments when we meet lol. But excited to meet u guys :)

    @Arun hehe even i dont have pet name. I am your competitor lol :D

  5. aw so nice dude. love the post, shyless jastai ma pani dherai boldina in reality.

    well you will soon find out next month!

  6. im insanely happy to see my name in this article hehe...i guess its been like a month since we met in twitter...thanks to twitter that i met u n samby ofcourse...nowadays serendipity has also become one of my fav word :D ...n yeah n im hopeful that we wil be able to meet up and eat "koeran-khana" :P

  7. impressive...bt where's us???? ;P


stay insanely happy ♥