June 8, 2011

friends are born not made...

     Birthday and New-year celebrations are very important to me. There is something about these celebrations which shouts beginning. And it's important to reflect on your past, let go and hold onto this feeling of beginning... when everything seems possible. I've always said this and I'll say it again... I've been lucky with people. During the span of my life I've met right people... people beyond friends... I call them extended family.

   Sarina, Jyoti and Hemanta :: When I think of you three... the word "thank you" seems too small. Stay insanely happy guys.
   Manish and Hamza :: Do I even need to say anything? You two are among those who I call family. I feel blessed and always will... for you guys are in my life.
   Sire and Melda :: Sire, I wish you never leave Shanghai... stories must end, for new one to begin. Enjoy your last month here. And we must party hard before you leave ;) Melda... 我爱你!!
   Shadia :: Words are cheap... you can play and twist the words. But you've proven to be such a great friend. Am glad you came...
   Shaku  :: For such a lovely dedication of poem (click here to read)
"Drink wine. This is life eternal.
 This is all that youth will give you.
 It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends.
 Be happy for this moment.
 This moment is your life."
     secrets... We all have them. Somethings we never let out even when opportunity presents itself and we are pressed to open our mouth and tell. Opportunities such as when we are drunk... when we are really happy... or when we are in middle of argument. Even though we never tell, secrets doesn't necessarily have to be bad. Sometimes we secretly admire someone. Secretly crush on somebody. And given a chance, we should let them know. We all know word of appreciation does wonders to the one who receives it. Its amazing how much words can accomplish. But there are somethings beyond words... there are deeds. And sometimes what people do is so loud that you can't hear what they are saying. Hence, we say ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. And some people really did go above and beyond to let me know that I am someone who matter to them in and around my born-day celebration. And if I write this post in journal style it'll get gigantically long and brutally boring so I'll just sum it up and let it just be sweet summary. Actually, am too tired to write and every ounce of my body hurts but I'd love to write now; (as I mentioned in my previous posts) when memory is still fresh and when there's itsy-bitsy of adrenaline left in my blood stream from all those drinks and tiredness.

5th June :: Well my folks decided to surprise me and hence planned the glamorous jamming in the most unglamorous way - they decided to throw a party on 5th June (two days before my actual b'day!!). As told I dressed-up to watch Kung-Fu Panda and later was tricked into a longish dinner. Tummy full, I was all excited to get out of the restaurant and watch the panda kicking butts. But then the one (Jyoti Sapkota) who was tricking me, again tricked me to buy some goodies, again tricked me to talk a long walk (and might I remind you she was on high heels), again tricked me into taking a cab. With so much of tricking I deduce, either I am a stupidest person ever or she is Oscar worthy actress). Finally, in the area of the city where party is the name of the game I finally figured it was all about celebration. I heard the word SURPRISE and there I saw people who are part of my life in biggest, grandest way. People I'll fight for and fight with, laugh at and laugh with and was in touch and will be in touch with. Details will bore you all but lets just say I was happy (INSANELY HAPPY at that). Cakes, claps and hugs. Songs, dance and kisses. Games, drinks and fun. We decided to move somewhere... and during the time world took a pause to watch final match of French open, we were getting drunk and having fun. Club trotting whole night until were low on energy meter. The best part was when it was raining on our way back and we chose to stay on a shelter instead of taking a cab. Sang some cheesy old songs and lost our voice over it. Much love to every one who were there and special thanks to Sarina Pradhan and Hemanta Dhungana. 

6th June :: Hungover, body-aches and scars. Rough day ahead. But smile on my face. Attitude makes a tons of difference. I was tired but I was happy. And as I was happy tiredness didn't matter. After the daily chores and 3 episodes of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I went out with friends... nibbled some foods and picked a restaurant for the following day (thanks Ozy Malik for helping me with that). Zero hour and there came all the wishes directed my way. To all the people who wrote to me, called me, and came at my place. Thank you so much. I love each one of you (that's a lie... I hate some LOL). Same things again. Cakes, laps and hugs. Songs, dance and kisses. Games, drinks and fun. Even Rani Mukherjee sang to me : no specifications about how she did *wink*. Went out again but we called it a night soon after. Big day tomorrow.

7th June :: WHOEVER'S BORN ON THE MONTH OF JUNE ARE HOT BY BIRTH. And am simply born this way (doesn't it remind you of Lady Gaga song?). My mouth was bitter... thank to all the alcohols I had been consuming for the past 2 days. Head and body was hurting like hell... that's called hungover, I suppose. Apparently, 23 yrs old body doesn't recover as fast as 22 years old body. Lets just cut the crap. 7 o'clock evening : I started meeting my people. We chose the place called Lotus Land and we had entire room to ourselves. Room full of people who makes my life full and rich. Thanks  a ton to all of you who came and wished. And there are things that should not be written. I'll leave all the blog'buds until 7 o'clock of June 7th...

8th June :: I already feel wiser and happier than yesterday. Ciao ;)

I will post pictures in my next entry. Too tired now. *YAWN*


  1. Wooahh wat a long story thats also shortened. Ur lucky have so many ppl around that makes everything happening. Have a good year ahead then. :) may these friends always be around u to who makes life beautiful!
    Happy Birthday again n check that funny card i posted to u in twitter. Cheers :)

  2. aah, how i take pride in being a June-born!! haha, "June babes are hot by birth"!! Agreed!! Happy birthday to you! Cheers!

  3. that makes me a June dude and you a June babe. thank you ;)


stay insanely happy ♥