June 25, 2011

my adopted city...

Teenie Weenie background :: I was asked to write something by by fellow blog reader and twitter follower. Amateur as I was (and still am), I tried. And what you see here is the write-up which was published in FOLIO magazine June issue. After its publication I was congratulated and apologized at the same time. Turns out they forgot to mention my name. And to be honest it really doesn't matter. Am just happy it got published. But do I question the credentials of the magazine? Honestly, I do. Its too careless of 'em to forget the name of the person who authored the write-up. I mean they didn't forget to edit the picture, did they? I work in magazine (here in Shanghai). So, I can tell, there is one difference between good things and great things... and its in the details. But I stand corrected. Am just happy it got published. But, it goes without saying FOLIO has got the best cover in KTM town and so it seems best contents too.
 *My adopted city*(As published in Folio June issue)
     Traveling is all about going to places unseen, or unheard of and finding that world is one big weird place. Love it or hate it Shanghai has its own share of weird things. Shanghai - the Oriental gargantuan, waiting like an understudy behind the curtains of superpowerdom. Millions of people bursting forth in a frenzy of capitalism and consumerism, the likes the world has never known. Shanghai is China's answer to U.S.A's New York. The massive mega-city with a population that tops to an estimated 23 million during the week, Shanghai’s less dainty past is the fuse for its frenzied future. For this was the “Whore of the Orient”, where nihilism reigned from the seats of opium dens, and wealthy international trade guilds, the forerunners of today’s multinationals, built their empires. It was a city that attracted the greatest, the most debauched, the most ambitious and the most ruthless. But with the history with invasion (trade or otherwise) from the country as France, Britain, Russia and Japan makes Shanghai the cultural hotpot which is clearly visible in aristocratic buildings (sandwiched between the heaven high neon skyscrapers) and in posh and dandy French Concession area.

     As of now, Shanghai is practically my adopted home city. And even after my three years of stay here, the thing that baffles me the most is the fact that it has so much to offer and so many choices that it literally makes me hysterically delirious. Everyone knows modern China is now a monster unleashed with a credit card. You can see that in the gigantic malls which brags the brands to the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski to name a few. As opposed to popular believe not everything is cheap - Shanghai is, in fact, the most expensive city in China. It’s a huge county to begin with and with the raising GDP, Chinese certainly don't mind to cut loose and empty their pockets. However, if you are looking for cheaper fake goods instead then probably you should consider other cities in China. There is one place aptly named Qifu Road though, which is a mecca of cheap and fake goods.

     And then there is all those architectures and infrastructures to marvel at. You can see it in Pudong, a former marsh area that has been converted, in just over a decade, into Asia’s Manhattan - Shanghai now boasts more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. The architecture is indomitable (just look at the Oriental Pearl Tower), the development ambitions un-fearful. Everyone wants in on the action. Be it in chic Waitan and opulent Xintianti both of which is the solid example of British and French indigenous architecture. Be it in Yu garden which gives a taste of real China with oriental wood-styled pagoda. Be it in Jing'an district where rich and ostentatious ones indulge. And as of 2010, you can also get piece of Nepal at expo site. All of these will brighten up the night sky as soon as sun bides farewell. As the night falls Shanghai has completely new things to offer and pamper you with. Hengshan area alone, within its boundary, constitutes 300 or more clubs, bars and pubs. And Hengshan is only a small bloke in a huge body of night life machine. China might be conservative but Shanghai is not. Its nightlife is now one of the world’s most famous (just google it). The malls would close up around 10-11 at night which is the only down side for the people who might want to shop till they drop.

     Then comes the sunshine and you will find the city as vibrant as you had left behind at night. I can't even begin to suggest you places during the day. There's just too many which makes city trotting experience fun. From the likes of famous ones including wax museum Madame Tussauds, Oriental Pearl Tower to somber ones like People Square, Nanjing Road. I would highly suggest you to walk the alleys of Mogan'shan Road where there is the stretch of street with ghetto street paints and street arts. You'd notice that night’s hustle-bustle and fiasco turns into gatherings in park where old people would dance to the music too groovy for their age (even Bollywood numbers sometimes), kites of various fashion and design would rival the height of the skyscrapers. And you always have to eat, right? If you have a soft spot for sweet foods you have chosen a right place. What can be called Shanghai cuisine is epitomized by the use of alcohol. Fish, eel, crab, and chicken are "drunken" with spirits and are briskly cooked/steamed or served raw. All of this of course with the hint of sweetness. But you prefer something foreign to Chinese food then no wasting time on worrying. City is, in fact, invaded with franchise of foreign food chains and restaurants. Just suit your expense.

     There are series of sporting events that takes place in Shanghai including Shanghai Rolex Masters Cup and Shanghai Formula-one. So you might want to align your trip with the events as the tickets are priced reasonably. Everybody has their favourite things to do in Shanghai. Everybody reacts differently to the things they see here and has the right to react the way they deem fit. As for me nightlife and people are the best among all. As I consider the two, I wonder, will a third contender emerge?


June 24, 2011

let's make it less weird...

     Lemme first complete the sentence. "Let's make it less weird, when we meet." Meet not in Twitter nor in Facebook but am talking about the actual meeting. You know, flesh to flesh - blood to blood. Its like we know each other. I mean we've been discussing our daily chores with each-other and to lesser or greater degree, I know each one of you but here's the catch... (wait for it) ...we're still strangers in theory!!! You know I was of those kinds, kinds who didn't advocate internet dating, internet friendship. I didn't chat much and still don't (spare me and ignore the tweet-chats)... What I really mean is that I neither SKYPE nor MSN much; infact am barely online. But come Jan 2011, I decided to blog and tweet. Hence, the change in daily pattern. Soon I realized, I have OCT (read Obsessive Cumpulsive Tweeting). I was sharing pervy jokes and chatting randomly. But do I look like am worried? Nah! Am totally loving it and the best part I don't know why! And here I am contradicting my past theory that friends can't be made online. I mean, are there any rules to friendship properly? Is there a friendship bible? The answer is obvious... and that is "I MAKE NO SENSE." LOL. But the pressing matter is AM HAPPY. And universe knows there is nothing I value more than happiness. When you've right state of mind things look beautiful, life becomes easy and goodness walks right into your life. I also believe real source of happiness are people. Surround yourself with best of people and feel the change in you.

     Well o'course I exaggerated. Real source of happiness is when you stumble upon "sac full of dollar$." LOL. Cut the crap. My tweet and blog buds. Right this moment, as I type, am happy. And I duly credit this awesome feeling to each of you. I assume you guys are smart enough to know who I mean. But just in case you're stupid I'll tag names at the bottom of this post. So next time I see a friend who is going gaga about new found internet girl-friend, guess what I'd say, "Did you plan the baby's name yet." Told ya am pervy (and my name reads shy-less). Stay insanely happy.

~~bandit'queen(shaku) / chotu(sambi) / rabin(wat's ur pet name?) / neemboo(tekang) / sexy-lexy(J.B. is mine) / my brag-partner(trisha) / chloe(keep pampering me) / alice(esther frenette) / girl on the move(wat's the real name?) / korean-khana(aarati) / arun / circus much(jeuel) / subegrg(teehee*we discovered TnF)~~

June 23, 2011

i doesn't care. let's not make sense!!!

     I said something and my friend reacted, "you don't make sense." I was like, "I doesn't care. Dude don't go too deep!!!" I mean just think, think again, do we really have to make sense all the time? What's seriousness after all? Is it that if you have the serious face and act calm/composed you are more serious than the opposite kinds. I beg to differ. Just for fun's sake, let's write some random stuffs. Let's just say things we like and dislike without adding much sense to what we are saying. Here's what I've to say.

     Did you read my latest Facebook status it reads, "what happens in exam : tick tok, mind block, pen stop, eye pop, full shock, jaw drop, time up, no luck, oh fuck!!! raise hand if you disagree :)." I for one think this is an awesome status because its totally true. Let's bitch. I saw some people who were totally over dressed. Some people wouldn't understand that skinny jeans and fat genes don't go well together. Oh'well I had written a post on this one before. Do people irritate you sometimes. I mean they really fuck your happiness sometimes. Am an atheist (don't ask why) but if there's a god I'd pray that the person who tries to fuck with happiness (anybody else's), may his or her hand grow shorter that he or she can't reach his or her ass to scratch (लु जा त ). I found this new kewl abbreviation today -- ROFLYSHST (Rolling Over Floor Laughing Yet Some How Still Typing). True that. I mean some people just need to drop down their brag-o-meter. I know you are not drunk. You some how manage to write a full sentence in Facebook/Twitter with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation; yet at the end add this stupid sentence "am so drunk that I can't see anything." Two word for 'em liar's BIG BOOHOO. And wad'up with people with fake accents. You moron I can tell its fake and so does every body. How come you don't know it sounds funny on you. What else... hmm... am not liking the global news. I mean does news always have to be sad and depressing. Its either about war or natural disasters. Oh'yes in my last post I said "I like french-fries more than some people." I still vouch for that. and... ah'yes am totally digging into Twitter now. I just love it. I found so many kewl people there. P.S. I found some freaks too. I don't mean kewl types of freaks... more like creepy kinds. Ahhh... I still have three weeks of exam time (hell), then I'd go back to my roots N.E.P.A.L!!! Lets compile things now. O.K let's not. I read some fortune cookies today. I seldom do. Let's change the paragraph. This one is getting too long.

     Little known shy-less (read shailesh a.k.a strophicus) fact : whenever I'm in china town, I always buy a bag of miscellaneous fortune cookies. I try to eat a fortune cookie every day (a big lie). Speaking of fortune cookies, I thought it would be fun to make a few imaginary ones of my own on this beautiful night. Am insomniac. Well sorta. Let's begin...
  • Life is as boring as you are.
  • Better to shoot for the star and land on the moon than shoot for the mountain and reach it.
  • To find yourself. Get lost.
  • Like flies to poop, people are drawn to your smile.
  • Everything is better naked. (get nasty)
  • Try try try until you quit. I mean quitting right is an art and seriously how many times you want to make fool of yourself!!!
  • Insulting others says less 'bout them but more 'bout you. (ahhh profound)
  • You are the shit. (imagine reading this in a fortune cookie, you'd ask for refund. lol)
  • The blame game has no winners.
  • When you are 80 years old; your job won't hold your hand.
  • You'll be happy when you stop telling yourself, "I'll be happy when..."
  • He who defends himself has no time to live.
     Yawn, I think its getting too long and I already wrote mother load of horse shit. My point being you don't need to be articulate all the time to make sense. And yeah people often say "don't just sit there, do something" but sometimes you need to do the opposite. I'd say "don't just do something, sit there." Answer me people WHAT THOUGHT WOULD YOU LIKE TO STICK INSIDE A FORTUNE COOKIE?

June 19, 2011

conjure up thoughts...

     There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Literally forcing myself to think positive but I have to admit I LIKE FRENCH-FRIES MORE THAN I LIKE SOME PEOPLE!!! I don't f#@$#ing care!!! How does one force oneself to be positive? How does one manage to keep the child in him/her alive? How does one keep trusting people? How does one lead a life only with people they love? I absolutely love my life and *god bless* I've been real lucky with people. I've best of people surrounding me and anybody other than that is simply the plus one in my life. Good things happen but bad things are unavoidable as well. How does one keep a good attitude and positive mind-set in times of desperation? How does one manage to over-come worst of situations and stay positive? How does one deal with hypocrites?

      I might not have million things to be proud about but I say with all the poise that am not a hypocrite. And once betrayed I think lowly of people who betrays me with such classless act. I absofuckinglutely hate hypocrites. I am not claiming here that I've been through low valley's in life but then again everybody have their fair share of low's. I seek no answers for life is amazing, answers will come when you are ready. Yes, answers will come in the ways you can not fathom. I just need to stay strong and let KARMA take its toll. Luck and Destiny are over-rated. Whereas KARMA is something I believe in. Not that I'm saying it works in magical ways but it sure does work. Good deeds when set out to the universe... multiplies... and comes back to you. So does the bad deeds. So in times like this... I've to stay calm and face the sunshine. Life is beautiful. You just need to focus on all the good people and good things that has happened to you... and you'll see how BEAUTIFUL LIFE actually is. Count your blessings. Count it again. And again. And again. Let yourself know people who talk behind your back are in good position to KISS YOUR ASS. It's never a good feeling when rumor about you is being spread or things about you are shown in negative shade of light but you've to take a fleeting moment... to breathe... to reflect on the situation and let yourself know you've enough good things to easily overshadow the bad one's. Don't let one person to ruin your mood, your decisions, your hopes, your dreams, and most of all your perception about people in general. Despite everything I think there is still some good in even the worst of people and that people are actually good at HEART, that respect is a two-way train, that smile is better than a frown, that the hug is more powerful than the punch, that we are greater than the situation we are in, that life is so amazing that you can just marvel at it and love. But despite all this I stand corrected, " I LIKE FRENCH-FRIES MORE THAN I LIKE SOME PEOPLE." For man is not only known by the company he keeps but also by the ones he avoids. I refuse to give up. Take it or leave it.

    June 14, 2011

    *my kinda song*

         I haven't been blogging much lately; but after oodles of days toil, I come back home and freshen up. Music is must after that. But lately there's been change in a pattern. I go out with this new friend (for late night coffee or drink or two) who is musically equipped as well. Hence, I've been listening to songs that I normally wouldn't. I deduce, if you feel passionately about something... SHARE IT. It'll let you see things from different perspectives. Getting back to the topic... SONGS. People often remember things after they see certain some souvenirs or they see a certain some places or they taste certain some foods. As for me memories come gushing in after I hear certain some songs (blast from the past). Yes, in my case it's fit to say certain some songs brings memories back to me. And I end up feeling super nostalgic after listening to 'em songs.

         Fresh out of school, I had attended this wedding anniversary. My cousins and I decided to dedicate a song to uncle-auntie who were happily married for 25 years. We picked the song "Stand by me" by John Lennon. I sang my heart out... Twice!!! The celebration was followed by crazy dancing in some cheesy bollywood numbers, one of which was "Beedi jalaile." And now as I give a listen to any one of these two songs, I go back to the time where families were together. Parents were younger... I was younger. How times change!!! As a child I would dance to the song "Humma humma" like crazy. Anybody who'd see me would inquire, "Baabu, would't you dance on humma humma again!!!" And guess what, I did every single time. As I watch the videos now, they crack me up. Is it only me or do everybody feel certain discomfort to see oneself in the video? Anyways am happy I danced, I smile as I think of those times. "It's a time to disco." Ahh... how we danced in this song when we were out in school trip. Every time I listen to this song I go back to that picnic venue when we were typical teenagers. We danced and the amused by-passers would clap and whistle. Yes, songs bring memories gushing back to me.

         There are different kinds of songs (pop, country, hip-hop, what not...) but the best ones are those which take you back to the place where you first listened to 'em. Would't you agree? What is you SONG blog bud's?

    June 13, 2011

    Thank gawd for there is Lady Gaga!!!

         Thank gawd for there is Lady Gaga!!! Call it weird, but weirdness is just another synonym for interesting... so I suppose!!! Just the other day I was watching an episode of "so you think you can dance." They have some pretty amazing dancers but what makes the hour long show so interesting is the fact that there are these weird groups of people who come to audition... and the best part they don't even know they are weird. In this particular episode there was this girl who claimed to be the daughter of one of the Beatles. In her words, "Not many people know this but yes my dad is the original member of the Beatles and as opposed to what others think he is alive... and I think everybody has a twin in the life. Mine is Lady Gaga." I tell you this girl was totally LOL worthy. But the fact is she made me laugh like crazy despite being all so weird, and we can always use some more laughs/smiles. And if you sit and ponder its the weirdness in life that brings the joy. What makes you unique. Its definitely not that thing which prolly millions of other people have as well. But it possibly is the third nipple, weird color of an eye, double thumb, super curly hair, super weird voice or just the coarky personality. Whatever it is, you know the most interesting part in you is the part that people call weird.

         I mean what's Lady Gaga without her awesome weirdness, what's Madonna without her scandalous ways, what's Paris Hilton without her randomness (I for one think she is smart)... its the weirdness which helps us set apart and eventually that weirdness might direct us to the center of the podium around which people will be applauding and cheering for us. That's why I say celebrate your weirdness. If you have the mole in the weird places or have the broken tooth... I'd say flaunt it. If you know how to dance the funny funky chicken dance or sing in the ways that people find really funny... I'd say show it. We are beautiful because we are so unique. So next time you are in the subway are there is somebody performing some weird things... stop... enjoy that fleeting moment and appreciate... appreciate the fact that the performer is there to add colors to our life with his/her uniqueness... with his/her weirdness!!!

    June 10, 2011

    amusing amigos!!!

         Don't we all live a dual life? For fuck's sake lets not get insightful, I just mean with the presence of social tools like Facebook and Twitter we've managed to make strata of friends VIRTUALLY, that too really good one's. Facebook might be virtual but the effect it has in real life is epic. Two of my Facebook bud's (Sabina and Mimi), always manage to cheer me up with their witty stats and boastful pictures. Schooled together but lost touch. Facebook helped us reconnect (BIG-TIME). About two weeks ago we decided to take some random snaps and dedicate it to each-other. Fortnight later we had our pictures ready and hence the dedication. Below are the results. No comparisons please. Its done from the place of (friend) love; each one of 'em are equally kewl. FYI :: I know mine is the awesomest ;)
    I know we agreed on Sunday but I had ample time to kill at work and hence decided to upload today;) I wanted to do something else but decided otherwise... so to say this wasn't my original plan!! So, I held up my end of the bargain, its ur turn guys!! Told'ya I wasn't bluffing"... I assume mimi's reply would be "GULP" and bambina's "AM AWESOME"... lol. Bring it on.
    My Photo Dedication. The best that I could think of. :) From left to right :: lil' bambina, strophicus,  mimi!!
    “Falling in love with someone isn't always going to be easy... Anger... tears... laughter... It's when you want to be together despite it all. That's when you truly love another. I'm sure of it." Mimi Sb and Shailesh ।।।।... i know i tagged you guys for this but... i just wanted you guys to believe that there is someone out there for all of us and we don't have to search for it... LOve will find its way :-)... Enjoy your weekend ♥ ♥ ♥

    June 8, 2011

    friends are born not made...

         Birthday and New-year celebrations are very important to me. There is something about these celebrations which shouts beginning. And it's important to reflect on your past, let go and hold onto this feeling of beginning... when everything seems possible. I've always said this and I'll say it again... I've been lucky with people. During the span of my life I've met right people... people beyond friends... I call them extended family.

       Sarina, Jyoti and Hemanta :: When I think of you three... the word "thank you" seems too small. Stay insanely happy guys.
       Manish and Hamza :: Do I even need to say anything? You two are among those who I call family. I feel blessed and always will... for you guys are in my life.
       Sire and Melda :: Sire, I wish you never leave Shanghai... stories must end, for new one to begin. Enjoy your last month here. And we must party hard before you leave ;) Melda... 我爱你!!
       Shadia :: Words are cheap... you can play and twist the words. But you've proven to be such a great friend. Am glad you came...
       Shaku  :: For such a lovely dedication of poem (click here to read)
    "Drink wine. This is life eternal.
     This is all that youth will give you.
     It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends.
     Be happy for this moment.
     This moment is your life."
         secrets... We all have them. Somethings we never let out even when opportunity presents itself and we are pressed to open our mouth and tell. Opportunities such as when we are drunk... when we are really happy... or when we are in middle of argument. Even though we never tell, secrets doesn't necessarily have to be bad. Sometimes we secretly admire someone. Secretly crush on somebody. And given a chance, we should let them know. We all know word of appreciation does wonders to the one who receives it. Its amazing how much words can accomplish. But there are somethings beyond words... there are deeds. And sometimes what people do is so loud that you can't hear what they are saying. Hence, we say ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. And some people really did go above and beyond to let me know that I am someone who matter to them in and around my born-day celebration. And if I write this post in journal style it'll get gigantically long and brutally boring so I'll just sum it up and let it just be sweet summary. Actually, am too tired to write and every ounce of my body hurts but I'd love to write now; (as I mentioned in my previous posts) when memory is still fresh and when there's itsy-bitsy of adrenaline left in my blood stream from all those drinks and tiredness.

    5th June :: Well my folks decided to surprise me and hence planned the glamorous jamming in the most unglamorous way - they decided to throw a party on 5th June (two days before my actual b'day!!). As told I dressed-up to watch Kung-Fu Panda and later was tricked into a longish dinner. Tummy full, I was all excited to get out of the restaurant and watch the panda kicking butts. But then the one (Jyoti Sapkota) who was tricking me, again tricked me to buy some goodies, again tricked me to talk a long walk (and might I remind you she was on high heels), again tricked me into taking a cab. With so much of tricking I deduce, either I am a stupidest person ever or she is Oscar worthy actress). Finally, in the area of the city where party is the name of the game I finally figured it was all about celebration. I heard the word SURPRISE and there I saw people who are part of my life in biggest, grandest way. People I'll fight for and fight with, laugh at and laugh with and was in touch and will be in touch with. Details will bore you all but lets just say I was happy (INSANELY HAPPY at that). Cakes, claps and hugs. Songs, dance and kisses. Games, drinks and fun. We decided to move somewhere... and during the time world took a pause to watch final match of French open, we were getting drunk and having fun. Club trotting whole night until were low on energy meter. The best part was when it was raining on our way back and we chose to stay on a shelter instead of taking a cab. Sang some cheesy old songs and lost our voice over it. Much love to every one who were there and special thanks to Sarina Pradhan and Hemanta Dhungana. 

    6th June :: Hungover, body-aches and scars. Rough day ahead. But smile on my face. Attitude makes a tons of difference. I was tired but I was happy. And as I was happy tiredness didn't matter. After the daily chores and 3 episodes of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I went out with friends... nibbled some foods and picked a restaurant for the following day (thanks Ozy Malik for helping me with that). Zero hour and there came all the wishes directed my way. To all the people who wrote to me, called me, and came at my place. Thank you so much. I love each one of you (that's a lie... I hate some LOL). Same things again. Cakes, laps and hugs. Songs, dance and kisses. Games, drinks and fun. Even Rani Mukherjee sang to me : no specifications about how she did *wink*. Went out again but we called it a night soon after. Big day tomorrow.

    7th June :: WHOEVER'S BORN ON THE MONTH OF JUNE ARE HOT BY BIRTH. And am simply born this way (doesn't it remind you of Lady Gaga song?). My mouth was bitter... thank to all the alcohols I had been consuming for the past 2 days. Head and body was hurting like hell... that's called hungover, I suppose. Apparently, 23 yrs old body doesn't recover as fast as 22 years old body. Lets just cut the crap. 7 o'clock evening : I started meeting my people. We chose the place called Lotus Land and we had entire room to ourselves. Room full of people who makes my life full and rich. Thanks  a ton to all of you who came and wished. And there are things that should not be written. I'll leave all the blog'buds until 7 o'clock of June 7th...

    8th June :: I already feel wiser and happier than yesterday. Ciao ;)

    I will post pictures in my next entry. Too tired now. *YAWN*