May 18, 2011


     I was walking through the village Thursday evening. Part of my stroll took me across newly completed bridge that binds together the two halves of Shanghai suburb. It was nearly evening and the weather was almost oriental. Fog clung the wet surface of the street's as an ambient drizzle gathered out of the cool night air. I was along on the sidewalk. The only noise was the tread of the occasional car as it made a sound that resembled the tearing of the paper. My view was directed south by the axis of track leading toward the city I call my second home - Shanghai. At the distance of short city block stood the train station. Perched in the darkness on the edge of the ravine, while below the tracks well illuminated in the amber glow of vapor lamps. On the weekends the train schedule is much reduced, so the station stood there just as empty and quiet as the tracks below. It was beautiful scene. It suggested more than emptiness - perhaps something like solitude. As I leaned on the railing I imagined that spot as I had seen it is so many times before - with the crowd of commuters bustling through the station on their way to the train. Too busy for breakfast, they scurry down and up the stairs briefcases and paper cups with little points of bakery paper sticking out of Burberry coats. The whole scene takes place in an appearance of an hourglass. A crowd routinely gradually filters through the narrow stair way landing on the platform below. I saw now the same vista now utterly vacant in a way that only a place usually crowded can be. The fog, the cold mist and the emptiness consumed my thoughts for a moment. I set my camera on a portrait, took a picture, and then wondered, "What could be so wonderful about being completely alone?"
What are your favourite things to do when you are alone?


  1. Wow... that was just... beautiful. I loved the way you described it all... It was as if for a moment I was there too...
    Being completely alone in times and scenes like that is one of my favorite things! It's peaceful and it gives me time to think and relax for a while. Great post!

  2. Was nice reading it...seemed like a nice thing to do...spending time alone and at a misty place at that....I'd love to be at places as such but you know Nepal..mostly I'm not alone..and if I am,I'd like to read a book,or watch a boring movie(with a subtitle)..boring cause if it was a fun one I'd watch it with my sisters..

  3. thank you ladies;) ronjana, i remember ur sister. i guess we used to commute to and from from school in the same school bus (pulchowk route)!! that is before i changed to new place in ktm:) reading subtitle makes the movie experience so boring!! while alone i'd listen to some songs and prolly, do nonsensical things or dance!!

  4. Someday i would love to visit The Great Republic of China.

  5. do it while am here!! least the living and lodging expenses will be spared;)

  6. Niiiiice. ^_^ "The cold mist and the emptiness consumed my thoughts for a moment" > exactly how I feel most of the times. Certain moments... they just snap together like magnets & thoughts get surreptitiously thrown at our faces. We find ourselves stuck through a labyrinth of events that strays us from our original distractions...!
    & speaking of loneliness, I have this absolutely whoa~ish quote thats prolly TOTALLY unrelated to this blogspot but anyhoo.. here goes >> "When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone." - Tennesse Williams.
    Cheers! ^_^

  7. *blogpost. lolz. TYPOS!!! grrrr..!!

  8. Someone said the exact same thing about a hindi movie(someone from an English soap)..but as it is, I just can't get them English movies until I read ''ll probably be a day when I won't like
    You used to commute with my sister,huh?Wht,my elder one or younger one..the Pulchowk route you say..that must be before we shifted to Samakhushi..
    Anyways, do call me when you get home..would love to meet you


stay insanely happy ♥