May 30, 2011

of the good times and the bad!!

     Think of all the good times you've lived through and the bad; Of the times you laughed the hardest and cried; Of the times you were growing up and of the present. Look at the pictures stored in your hard disk or that you've stacked into the box under the bed. They all include people don't they? We are ego-centric being and prolly will deny it, but get real and admit it "WE ARE FABULOUS SOCIAL BEING." Without all the people who we surround ourselves with, all we will be is the tooney-looney lonely person - deserted, unhappy and faltering.

     How time flies. Just the other day I was with a friend celebrating his birthday. Along the length of our conversation we somehow went down memory lane. The laughs we laughed three years ago made us laugh again. The mistakes that we made... now nothing but a mere sweet reminder of how naive and ignorant we were (naive + ignorant = childish = awesome!!). Sweet heavens, how time flies!!! I'm fumbling through old photographs (of when I was a child) saved in my hard-disk and with each I get excerpts from the past. I smile and notice how young and wrinkle free my mum and dad were. How they've toiled through years to give me the life I'm living now. They must have had dreams to travel to the world poles apart, to buy the latest trending things but oh'well decided otherwise (happily) because I was in their life. I pause at one particular picture... of my friend who passed away two years ago in a motorbike accident. I was not in Nepal and when given the news reacted in the only way I could - by going numb. In the numbness my mind usually shuffles through the piles and heaps of memory saved inside my brain. Now as I hold the picture I think less of accident but of the life we lived before the accident happened. We had plans for the future. We planned to travel together. We planned to be friends until we die and make wonderful memories. Alas!! His death taught me me a lesson that memories aren't made, memories happen as we live life. Its happening now as I type and now as you read. I smile and tell myself at least I had few short years of togetherness with him to be happy about now.

     I came to China to learn the language (call me a weirdo). After my arrival I was shocked to see how many foreigners were actually interested to study this swilling oriental language. I decided to stay longer and picked my bachelors study in Shanghai. Downside - I always meet these amazing people who come from all over the world to learn language but after the culmination of studies they have to leave. Few goodbyes are particularly hard as they are already friends. Specifically, about one year ago I bade farewell to people who were hard to let go. But birds migrate back to their home and there's nothing much to ponder about it. Just enjoy the view as they flay away hoping to meet back again under right circumstances. But I have memories and stack full of album to refresh it. I smile and decide to call them. Few hours of chit-chat rejuvenates me and I think about bottling the feeling. Hence the blog. My blog buddies, close your eyes (or not) and think of all the good times you lived through. I bet a curve will show up in your lips... hold onto that. I deduce that people around us matter to us more than we realize. So try to have a good time while they're still around and memories will just happen, you don't have to toil a single sweat to make 'em!! Word of advice to ya'all, "keep your cameras close - click and capture the moments *say cheese*"

     Caio Ciao:P As I type, I miss my mum!! Who do you miss the most?


  1. Awww :( Now I want to go back to the simple times where catching fireflies were the highlight of our lives and our heartbreaks were forgotten in a matter of minutes!
    *sigh* you're right, especially about goodbyes.
    "Just enjoy the view as they fly away hoping to meet back again under right circumstances. " Sooo true!!!! It would be a lie if you'd written that you've let them go...because nobody lets go of memories.. cause really, there's no such thing as forgetting.. there's only acceptance... :)

    P.S. I miss my grandmom the MOST! :( And I miss being ten years old when nothing in the world mattered. My grandmom was the queen and the backyard was my kingdom. *sniff* T__T

  2. Oh u have experienced such painful experienced of losing ur close friend. I wish i never had to do it. Der was a guy in our class; he had a bike accident n died on the spot on his way to college. We all collected money to send his body to Nepal. I still feel like his soul wud have to been on its way to college to study in our class room wen he died in an accident. I am very social person thats y it always matters to me how happy i can make my people around me. Nice post there Strophy. I give you the Trophy of Beautiful, heart touching writing. Thinking closing my eyes n remebering happy moments with friends there are many. One of them is like thinking of you, Samby, Rabin n other buddies and the chit-chats we had was one of the memorable moments. We hve never met with each other but was able to make a bond. Take care. :)

  3. girl no the move :: u wish to move backward huh!! i understand how tempting that can be... we all have certain affinity towards our past!! but i disagree there... there is forgetting as much as there is reminiscing!! and you can always (still) be queen of backyard queendom;)

    limshaku :: ahh our infamous twitter chats;) i know!! how weird it is even to think that all of us were stranger few months back ani that we haven't met at all. shoot... O.o


stay insanely happy ♥