April 13, 2011

Year 2068... gasp!!

     Cheers!! New Year Greetings ya'll...

     Close down the last of the year by removing all energy that doesn’t serve your highest and greatest good. Let go of anger, hurt, pain, heartache... they didn't serve you then, they don’t serve you now, don’t let them hinder tomorrow... I think its great that we get to experience new year euphoria twice in a year; January and' Baishak. The year is 2068... now gasp;) HNY to ya'll.

     Come to think of it, its like we are living in two different strands of time. We entered year 2011 in January and now we will enter year 2068 come Baishak; how awesome is that. May be, us Nepalese and others celebrating this particular new year, will be able to answer the ongoing delirium behind time and space conundrum. I absolutely love new year euphoria, I can adjust as  many new year celebrations as I can in my yearly calender. Am in Shanghai and when they celebrated Chinese New Year, I went completely berserk looking at those fire crackers. There is some charm at the time which promises new beginning. Life in general goes in a flow but new year, at least for me, is a welcome speed breaker. I never have had new year resolutions in particular. If you ever come to the point of astounding revelations or realization, I think, you don't need new year's, birthday's, Sunday's, beginning of next month... to make some resolutions. Every moment promises a change if we choose to change. But every now and then I secretly wait for the new year to knock and reassure that there is always a  new beginning.

     So here's the toast for each one of you reading. I wish you get to laugh the insane laughs, get to smile like a crazy psychedelic person, get to make countless memories, get to do everything you've been wanting to do and so much more. Stay insanely happy guys;)


  1. Well i guess we r lucky to have so many new years to celebrate, 'kung hai fak chai-Chinese new yaer' jus finished few month ago. N i even think my birthday is a new year for me particularly cos my day yr counts from there. anyways enjoy n that champaign in the pic is tempting. :)

  2. greetings bud. hoping that yr 2068 brings happiness in insane dose along ur way!! and yes indeed, birthdays are like new year in more than one ways!! happy nw year to u;)

  3. That was so sweet.Truthfully,I'm inspired.....

  4. look who's here. and truth be told, am inspired too. i knw how much u admire books and literary writing.. it feels good to be esteemed by u!! keep visiting ranjana!!


stay insanely happy ♥