April 8, 2011

teenie weenie twaddle...

the tag  contains all my prattle, blather and yammer, if u don't want to hear all my mumbo-jumbo, kindly pass to the other posts below or to the other tags;)
     G'day, fellow poo-hole jabbers - A big thank you to everybody who are browsing through my blog, ha ha now what do I do?

     Fairly non-scene here & pass for straight. Also been on what I like to call the "salmon famine" my whole life (I'd rather not elaborate why). I hate religion, and am unbeatable in Smash Bros on Wii when I use Zelda. And yes I am a BIG BIG lier;)

     I'm an Nepalese, born in Nepal, grew up in Nepal, now in Shanghai on a 6 years medical program. Once I left behind all social obligations to give my career a red hot go, got my dream job at this radio thingy... then I had to escape from the narrow alley lil' later when I realized I had bigger things to do!!! Ha ha!! So now I am doing something I never dreamed of doing... I am studying to be a doctor, basically running helter-skelter in hospital corridors and asking 'em what is the problem (literally)!!

     I am not an angry person (or I am, don't argue), but there are a LOT of different types of people that piss me off! I hate people that don't indicate when turning their car, block the escalator/walk slowly in corridors, stuff like that. I generally just have a high regard for those around me and hate that it is too much to expect of them. And for fucks sake, TWO major rules if you are ever going to watch movies... 1/Don't flash your cell phone while in cinema, YOU SHENANIGANS and throw your rubbish in the bin when you are done!! 2/ NEVER raise your voice at me, I don't do that to others either. I am civil so if you sit and try to explain I will understand (prolly, clueless face). 3/ Ah sorry I said two things, you see third thing is I am bad in maths and I hate it like anything (on that note I have statistics this semester, teehee). Its funny how people say keep on saying positive things to yourself and it sort of gets into your mind. I've been saying I LOVE MATHS since high school. Trust me I still hate it;)

     I am not looking for the right person, but rather trying to BECOME him. I have a lot of growing up to do. And I say that because I am never happy with where I am, there is always something to improve. I want to learn how to cook, to improve my writing, to get in touch with old folks, to play guitar, beef up to "truly ripped", and to capture a spider on my wall without using the biggest salad bowl I can find. I don't aspire to any particular individual, I think of who I want to be instead. I also find that I respond better to competition than just my own benchmark, so if you have something to throw in my face, I encourage it.

     My single biggest mission in life is to do something related to art. Anything creative will suffice. When I was in school I along with this friend (Shristi Rijal) pledged to become a documentary film-maker. For fucks sake we were serious and I still might, who knows.  I want my own star tile with my hand print in the cement, and to have others aspire to do what I have done. I already have experience - very small tho -in various aspects of creative part like in radio and magazines. But am struggling (mentally) with the fact that I am doing something completely opposite but the truth is I love medicine too. I love meeting people and without sounding charitable and Mahatma Gandish helping people feels great in so many levels, its sort of ego boost you know. I nearly gave up last year, big time. I wanted to quit and become a creative writer (am lying here, I'd be too embarrassed if I'd really admit what I was opting for), but I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life, so here I am. Aha are people like me or am I the only one? Or do I fear dramatic debacle? So much gobbledygook.

     Anyways, most things Chinese interest me: Kung-fu, sushi (in high-school I thought that sushi was Chinese,lol), buildings, Shanghai... fuck...ma here since 2008. Bloody oath it is the best city!! I did Karaoke (didn't like it much) and city trotting like hell, do it yourself some time, and bring a really good camera. Actually, on that note, photography... ummm, just so ya know, if we go anywhere together, and I have my camera, best to bring a friend to talk to. Art and creativity are something that runs in my family, I want to use it to help change the world... even just by a little - and I don`t care if you laugh, because I know it`s a long shot. If I die knowing I have inspired hundreds, thousands - man - millions of people through whatever means I can achieve, then, I will happily drift off to the heaven I don`t even believe in. Ha ha ha

     Also, I am really big on psychology, sociology, interaction between human beings... this has been my forte for as long as I can remember. I'd  love to meditate one day, counselling, offering advice. I take great interest in the mind, and discovering how to train it. Body language is big, and I find that most people are not conscious of theirs.. big mistake. I`m not a lie detector... but I am not stupid. And I find that my playful demeanor in person deludes an alarmingly huge majority of people, but it isn't intentional. I may not be the most educated in terms of history and geography, but general knowledge does not define IQ. Lets put "figuring you out" down as a hobby.

     That`s it for now, I might come back to edit this and compile my profiles into one, I have a lot to say. Cheers for reading this far, or at least scrolling down to the bottom and spoiling the end for yourself, you weird kid. And don't forget to throw your rubbish in the bin.

     I'll be adding or eradicating soonish if I feel the need to prattle, blather and yammer all under the tag :: gibberish. And this post officially makes me a narcissist. Now go die;)


  1. Hey nice read about your opinions and thoughts. I especially like the part where you said about before dying you wanted to inspire some ppl. I also think that being born as a human being we should do something worthwile in life. Cheers

  2. like minds think alike;) u seem to be a young blogger just like i am.. i started this jan..!! all the best with urs.. and hope to see more posts from u!!

  3. such fun twaddling;)

  4. its the same wid me..and trust me your are not the only one..m here in china tooo studyin the medical course that i never dreamt of....but i m too somewat not a medicine kind of person..so i hope we get wat we want from life as it goes..stay happy and get goin to grab it.:_____)))

    1. here's the toast to the future. future will figure on its own aaie!!!


stay insanely happy ♥