April 18, 2011

such irregularities & life's hilarities!!

     Consider eternity. Submerge into the believe system which states that we're intertwined in this particular strand of time and the believe that this time will go to the end of eternity (I don't make much sense, do I?)!! Now consider the miniature strand of time. Let's just say the strand of time as minuscule as second. Scrutinize over all the possible things happening right this second, right this moment.

     Right about now some babies are coming to the world - someone somewhere passed away, half the world is asleep - other half working, some are enjoying pena-colada and mojitos - others are starving for a piece of bread, some are rejoicing the festival - some are tormented over the natural disaster that just passed away, some are enjoying the rain - some the bitter cold, some are reading the morning newspaper - some are preparing the dinner, some are making movies - some are face-booking, some are having sex - some experiencing orgasm, some hearts broken - some just falling in love, some just finished masturbating - some discovering the wonders of masturbation, some are changing the world - some are complaining, some are watching the news - some are the news, some are saving lives - some are ruining theirs, some just graduated - some entered school, some are on the plane flying - some on the sea floating, some kissing - others hugging, some making music - some making a blunderous mistake... aha life!! Just a second but such irregularities, something common but life's hilarities!!

     A second of difference can make you a winner or the runner-up, one second might cost you bucks, this single strand of time might be the time you needed not to miss the subway you just did, a split of second decision can change the course of your life, its in this minuscule strand of time in which numerous people got shot. This unfathomable fleeting moment constitutes in it, infinite emotions and actions. A second my friend, just a second...

     Footnote :: We are not standardized processed sausages meant to look, taste and feel the same. Enjoy being different and the different things we get to do in life. We might be sharing this strand of time but each of us have different things to do, different things to see, different things to feel and experience. So many lives - so many experiences. May be each one of our experiences is like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle and when fit together will make the complete bigger beautiful picture!! So keep doing the things you ought to do and keep doing it as long as you wake up in the morning feeling fresh. So my friends don't you think life's irregularities and hilarities is awesome?? ...because I do!!


  1. Hahaha its a nice piece, u know y m laughing. You have encrypted few moments of truth there which most of the people conceive a lot. Good going. :)

  2. i know exactly what you mean!! lol.


stay insanely happy ♥