April 15, 2011

plethora of favorite foods, family, friends & fun!!

     Life has its ways of pulling and pushing us, giving or taking things from us!! Much like empty vessel we allow plethora of emotions to flow within us. Don't you sometimes wake up and feel like you can change the bloody damn world and some other time you wake up feeling whats the point. Wish I could decipher complexities of how we work, so that, I could flush out the bits that I don't like and prioritize the bits I love. But life doesn't work that way, does it? It throws at us these series of things - like deaths, celebrations, graduation, heartaches... - and we learn to handle it with time. We grow up to not trusting people, to be more cautious that we ought to, to plaster the smile on our face and answer I'm doing great when somebody inquires how are you today, we mutate with time, we grow!!

     Am not immune to those plethora of  growing up sensibilities. But truth be told, I think I'm more inclined to the theory (if any), which encourages us to get in touch with our younger sensibilities; when we trusted people, when things were tad too simple, when feeling of forgiveness was mutual, when we were happy it showed in our face, when we were sad tears would tell the story, when friendship was fun and only meant for fun, when you either loved or hated somebody, when looking good was not an issue, when life was full of possibilities and when we had dreams to travel to the moon, to the place as far as Antarctica, when cartoon mattered more than global warming and such other plethora of young sensibilities. Yes, truth be told we don't become wiser with the age but the opposite.

     There are tons of people I'd rather not socialize with, I thought. But we had teensy-weensy social gathering for the Nepalese New Year eve (13th April '11). I admit, I had more fun with people I thought I had NO business socializing. We munched on our favourite foods, we sang our favourite songs, we exchanged greetings with each other, we had fun, we experienced the true essence of celebration. Lil' hungover at the end but smiles in abundance. This teaches me to give chance to people, let them get the benefit of doubt!!

     We are social beings. Think about all the good memories you have had... they all include people, don't they? So we might as well try not to be too tight fisted, put ourselves out there on the map and surround ourselves with people who make us happy. Life is just too short, so try not be consumed with negatives. So to say, I believe that hating is as much in us as loving. Just make sure that you're hating the right things/persons and for the right reasons. If you are reading this, I hope, at least for today you try to reflect on your life and prioritize the things/people dear to you and give a second chance (or third, or fourth) to the people you've been shunning away from. We are humans after all, and if we don't make mistakes, we become boring. So let us all grow back to being young and get wiser along the way. Stay childish.

much love,
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  1. Hey buddy, I thought while I was growing older I was getting wiser.I like the part where you mention about keeping friendship and trusting people without any doubt. Sad but true as we grow older and our mind starts to think a lot and then comes all the trouble. So. your article suggests me I can grow older as well as enjoy being childish mind free of any doubts. :)

  2. there's one saying which reads "Trust everybody, but always cut the cards" which literally means not to trust people!! we can't trust every1, tht's the bitter reality, and saathi we've to be cautious along the way!! am nt suggesting anything but merely saying there's nothing wrong to keep in touch with our younger sensibilities!!

  3. yup life indeed is too short to be anything but happy.

    n u know wut? i fink next time sumones gonna ask me, "how r u?" m gonna say, " I am Growing." :)


stay insanely happy ♥