March 31, 2011

our inbuilt GPRS system...

     Almost everyday I have early morning class. I just don't understand what good does it serve us with the classes as early as 8 am. Now 8 am is when class commences which means we'll have to do this tedious job of waking up at around 7 am (considering the time to freshen up, eat some breakfast, commute to school). But my dysania kicks in. I usually pass three level of snoozes, which is not bad at all. I have seen people snoozing as many as 20 times. By the time I realize its just too late, hysteria takes over. No time to eat breakfast, cloths thrown in helter-skelter fashion and I always end up forgetting something. This is the case if I happen to go to the class, most often I give in to my habit and simply miss the morning classes.

     The funny thing is whenever I decide to go to class beforehand, the morning seems much calmer. I wake up in time, dress-up and commute to class with nice music soothing to my eardrum. Today was one of such days. I was in the class much too early and even had some time to kill and hence, this post. As we come to think of it, ain't it all about willingness. The will to do whatever we choose to do will make a world of difference. And just like e=mc^2, the law of willingness is equally omnipresent. It can be applied from daily chores and can be stretched as far as to what we choose to do in the future. Our emotions and our willingness are actually just like the GPRS system. Whenever we linger around something that we don't like our body has ways to inform us, whenever there are people we rather not talk with well there is this awkward silence and you can't wait to get it over with, on contrary when we hover around whom we are totally crushing into... well you know what happens (red face, occasional stutter and accelerating heartbeat). If your job happens to be what you love to do, well congratulations you just zeroed into the very thing everybody in this world is vying for. And incase what you are doing happens to be something you don't love... hope your hellish life end like soonish. The gist remains the same, "when going gets tough, the tough gets going."

     So shall we all all give our inbuilt GPRS due credit that it truely deserves!! We often walk around saying I don't know. But take a moment and trust your feeling, our GPRS system is always giving hints in random ways, we might as well learn to get in sync with those random hints.


  1. So true. An older friend onc told me "I've never worked a day of my life, because I do what I love" I love what I do... :D
    P.S. I have been browsing around your blog... I love it! :) Keep it up

  2. i know right. things are fun when we love it. am loving the fact that you love my blog. am relatively new at blogging (3 months to be precise), so thanks for encouraging!!


stay insanely happy ♥