April 9, 2011

Living Life In A Loop.

     I predict they're going to make a movie on Anna Hazare within the span of 20 years. And one who plays him will win all those golden statues... and they say world is unpredictable I suppose otherwise;) I predict earthquake, extremist bombings in few days... grrr. I mean come to think of it, c'mon try. The situation, that we perceive, is same but its the people who experience it and the place it occurs that differs. Within the yearly span heroes are born, accidents happen, new celebs are introduced replacing the crybaby old ones, scandals arise, somebody dies, Chinese win some sort of athletic games, earthquakes happen, India continues to make movies, planes crashes, people blame U.S. for literally everything... ahh B.O.R.I.N.G!! We live in the world where we are used to repeat doing things. You don't need to take a broader perspective. Look into your life, most of us complain that life is becoming repetitive but then we don't change an iota of whatever it is that we want to change, so much so that complaining has become repetitive.

     Yes, we study all week, do mundane chorus, eat. We party, drink beer, marry, and produce kid. We think we are genius but we are just a mimicker. Life is to become an artist or an inventor not a repeater... not at all. If you are not some sort of celebrity or a rock star I predict that life has its ways of making you do the things is the pattern you might very soon start loathing. Not because its pathetic but because you/we will get bored soon. We are made this way... thats our innate nature. We fall out of love after marrying the person who we once thought was the only one for us, we consider profession change because the one one at hand doesn't give enough kick we need, with time we start loving new things - new music - new place. May be this is what keeps us sane - making the new random choices different form the past because as soon as we come back to your senses and look round or turn on the television the things seems to be running in some sort of loop. Few months ago there was earthquake in Haiti, then Chile, then New Zealand, then Japan... the news is same the place differs, the number of casualties differ.

     So take a long breath and give your self a big pat. With so much happening in and around our life and the world, just holding onto our sanity is a great job in itself. So let us take a healthy breaks once in a while and try new things (or do the things we always do but differently this time).

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