April 26, 2011

in all my weirdness...

     Here's the thing. I was talking with a friend and during the entire length of the chit-chat we covered wide span of topics. Somewhere in between he asked me what my favourite movies were...!!
"lots to name", I answered 
"what kinds you like then?", he asked
I answered, "I like animation, zombie movies, superhero movies and lil' bit of fantasy"
"well... seems you don't want to get in touch with reality then...", he proposed.

     That was an odd thing to say, I thought. That was a bummer because I hovered around what he had said and whether or not what he said had any shred of reality. Do I really like movies which are above and beyond any sense of reality. Well my list of choice can be fantastic or mundane (depending upon your taste) but the fact is I don't know what I like or dislike. I can only tell if I like or dislike something after having watched it (or not). To be honest, I'm a big fan of documentaries too... I was completely in love with the movie "Zeitgeist". Its a 2007 movie by Peter Joseph. It asserts three main ideas and you've to watch to know what they are. It is so compelling that you can only stare and marvel at how brilliantly they've shaped the movie!! I loved "Into the Wild", it shows in its own shrewd and harsh way how life is supposed to be led and lived. I loved "Constant Gardener" for how it bared the nasty reality. Ahhh... and hence, I deduce and repeat "lots to mention", because there literally are couple of dozens I like. Having said that, I do however, love watching the movies that I want to believe in rather than what is ought to be believed.

     I'm not an avid movie watcher. I'm one of those kinds you know, kinds who are much into pop culture. I like summer blockbusters, I squirm and curse at villains and clap and whistle when Spider-Man spins his web, I'm much into Super-Man's cloak than the movie about economic crisis, I want to believe in Peter-Pan and Charlie's Chocolate Factory, I want to attend Harry Potter's school (in fact my facebook info states am studying at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) and want to visit Jurassic Park one day (Jurassic park series were four of my all time fav's). I love animated movies. "Finding Nemo", "Robots", "Toy Story" (esp. part 1 n' 3), "Wall-E" are few of my absolute favourites. I love horror movies especially late at night and when its raining/cloudy. And do you know,when I was small I wanted to be a vampire (true story), but with the onset of ongoing vampire craze I think, am happy to stay human. But man... am not at all into vampire/witch thingy which is so hot and happening currently. Do vampires always have to be so suave, swift and absolute lady killers? And why are there only human ghost. I think the ghost theory also applies to the animals alike... so whatever happened to dog ghosts, chicken ghosts and likes of other such ghosts. I love zombie movies all so dearly. Its mundane, I know but who said they have to make sense. I love 'em. Oh'well if you're into zombie too, do watch "23 Days Later" and this new series called "The Walking Dead." They're fab, I tell ya...

     So in my complete weirdness, I love watching so called mundane categories of movies namely animation, zombie movies, superhero movies and lil' bit of fantasy. If I'm above and beyond the sense of reality, so be it. Blog buddies hell with watching movies to add some sense to life, watch movies you want to believe in. Pretend that its real if you want to and keep doing it as long as it makes you happy. Always keep your sense of wonder in full alert, dream, imagine and stay insanely happy. So, lemme know what are your favourites? (If any) Can you pick your very own top three? I will make it a point to watch your mentions;)


  1. Hhaha Animated movies are the best!! I absolutely love wtching those... even when there's no kids around :) Up was great! and well I'm more of a romantic/comedy kind of girl ha! but if I'd have to pick 3... Lord of the Rings Triology! :D

  2. yeah up was great, watched it twice!! but am not big into lord of the rings, frodo and his hobbit friends were great to watch tho!! about romantic comedy i liked couple of 'em too-->"the holiday", "love actually";)godspeed

  3. well well buddy, jus becos u like those kinda movie doesn't mean that 'you don't want to get in touch with reality or ....'. i mean i like action, suspense n horror movie does that mean i'm like that. hahahha anywayz sabai manche ko afnai afnai choice huncha hoina. recently i liked 'AVATAR' a lot. i felt like flying wen i was watching dat movie, n m great fan of 'Fast n Furious'n ofcourse 'Lord of the Rings'. By any means watching movie is all about entertainment, I also watch selected hindi movies. Wen do u have time to watch movie Mr 'Doctor-to-be'. :) anyways pls tell ur fren that 'thinking differently does not mean u r not into this world', it means u r leading a life which can make a difference in world. cheers
    Keep posting

  4. lol. i'll make sure that i pass-on the message;) "doctor-to-be" sounds interesting, the title is not much different from my reality!! stay insanely happy buds.

  5. movies for me are sumfing to entertain us, i love comedies and animations but that doesn mean i dunt like sum serious movies, i love infact watching movies those are based on real life/so, but then theres no harm in watchig sumfing really funny/stupid n laughing ur ass off, besides i think even comedy and animated movies hav their own way of reaching out to ppl wif message those are really useful in real life...among the recent ones i really like Rio, i also liked No Strings Attached,, n man 127 Hrs was awesum!!

  6. i'd agree with u on 127 hrs and the quote in the movie "there's no bigger force on earth than the will to survive" is all so true!! i've been dying to watch rio. will prolly do that soonish:) and i'm one of those who thinks all movies doesn't need a message encrypted. tht'd make movie experience all so boring. i like movies which connects with an audience!! thanks hydrangea for taking a time and might i say u've such a botanical name "Hydrangea" lol

  7. "SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION"!!! Its almost appalling to NOT see this movie being mentioned in this post.. or by the commentors.. DUUUUUUUUDDDEE!! Its a MUST-WATCH movie! Trust me, its worth your time. :) & um.. "A Cinderella Story" [hey dont raise your eyebrow:P.. its a VERY cute romantic movie:P..] starring hilary duff & chad murray! & I have tonnes & tonnes of names to mention but last one... "Inception" :) THUMBS UP if you've watched it already... if not, you kidding me? :P

  8. lol. i've seen all three of 'em!! hello.. how could you even assume that there are pple who haven't watched SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and INCEPTION:) thanks for taking a time "Girl On The Move" to read and comment. i hope you find more reasons to walk your way back to my blog. am totally walking into yours;)

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stay insanely happy ♥