April 24, 2011

how an ass became a horse!! #true story

     For all the serious readers out there... well, the title is relatively fancy but its a theory that I believe in all so dearly. There's one saying paraphrased as "an ass went travelling and returned a horse." I just came back from a very tiring trip but wholesomely awesome one. And if I write this post in journal style it'll get gigantically long and brutally boring so I'll just sum it up and let it just be sweet summary. Actually, am too tired to write and every ounce of my body hurts but I'd love to write now; when memory is still fresh and when there's itsy-bitsy of adrenaline left in my blood stream from all those hiking;)

     There's something which works mysteriously in our ridiculously ugly looking brain. When things get monotonous; friends become foes, loved things becomes hated ones, beauty becomes beast, cabin fever sets in (meaning we start hating the people and things we see on a daily basis)...!! I'd say all the more reason to pack your bags and go out trotting. It refreshes our mind and our stupid brains comes back to its senses; foes become friends, we start loving the things we hated once, we see beauty in the things we were totally ignorant about, and we try new things. Just as we clean our home or things in routined basis, our mind needs to get refreshed, time and again to be in perfectly healthy state.

     Come last weekend I went to the third biggest island in mainland China "Congming Island." It was great change form usual random facade of life physically, mentally and visually. Physically from comforts of room to damp island, mentally from city hustle-bustle to sounds of chirping birds, and visually from super concrete civilization to the greenery which literally pokes your eye with its placidity. It was a school trip, if I hadn't mentioned before. Met some old folks who I'd lost touch with and realized I'd missed 'em all along. Met some new folks and fresh titter tatters. Tried new foods and hated 'em.
     Am not much of a nature lover. I haven't stopped and stared at the blooming spring flower or pristine mountain delta and said to myself "aha life is good." But I do enjoy strolling (swiftly and fast) on the park now and then, preferably accompanied with music. This time it was different. We, as in my friends and I, took bicycles and rode it beyond our stamina. Fact being we went to 3 parks in 2 days (forest park, marsh park and pearl park). At the end of the first night I was literally hoping no more excitement would come along our way before some sound sleep. But quite interestingly I loved what happened when we were not sight seeing. I loved taking the power naps in betweens on the bus and later on Saturday night few of us went out with guitars and sang our hearts out with bonfire and some BBQ's which, if I may say so, was one of the best things that happened along the entire length of this trip. We sang until some people next to our table were tad too impressed and would gift us few beers before some neighbours came complaining about the noise. Then came the rainfall and later we played some cards before calling it a night. Same day before we went to the hotel we had feisty outdoor gathering with stage set. All those fun games, singing and dancing was fun too. If I am allowed to brag, I won two of the games but the gifts I won are too ridiculous to be mentioned.

     To sum it up :: I saw teenie weenie crabs and load's of 'em; rode a horse which was maliciously slow one; some usual recreational games, nasty foods, new faces new people, was thirsty most of the time, songs, sun and getting a hint of tan (which I love), stumbling upon some brave deers, and ample body aches!! So my blog'buds remember "an ass goes travelling and comes back as a horse." Actually I fear infringement and plagiarism uploading photos in public forum like this. I'll upload tons of 'em in Facebook though. But it won't hurt to upload some here, so here's some pictures (some above others below), with which I conclude the post. Love you all to the moon and back!! 


  1. China is a big country to travel and explore places hai. i've watched dis program 'WILD CHINA' in BBC broadcast it was amazing. and btw did the title somehow relate to u,,hehhehe jus kidding. yeah we sud write wen memory is still fresh keep writing. :)

  2. haha. yeah!! about the title, lets just say, you are right... it does relate with me;) yeah we should write when memory is still fresh but i realized you aren't as much articulate when u r tired. i tried though;) happy easter saathi!!

  3. You have such a good command in your words...good to read your entry. I have been following you for past few days. And yeah, I am from Nepal too.

  4. Thank you tons for following and taking a time to comment. it always feels good to be appericiated!! hope what i'll post in future gives u more reason to come back time n again!! stay insanely happy;)

  5. Love the pictures! and my oh that sounds terribly fun! Reminds me I was about to take on a trip such as that but it didn't quite work out for me. Sometime soon I will!
    P.S. I love your line... "Stay insanely happy" I'll make sure I will :)

  6. stay insanely happy is my tag line of a sort. i have been saying it like forever;) about the trip, well plan it soonish and lemme know about it all. looking forward to ur sketches!!


stay insanely happy ♥