April 7, 2011

fantastic n' mundane...

I started this blog to platform the random things that comes in my mind, in case I let those thoughts pass I'd lose 'em forever. So I started writing and am loving it. then I thought to myself we say/do/write things about things so mundane but never say/do/write things to people who really matter, who in many ways contributed as to who you are now. Hence, I started to write 'bout those people (one at the time and when they needed good boost to their ego!!) under the tag .

maile tero picture ma tero dream figure banaideko- patali;)
     A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain? - these are the beautiful words from  Khalil Gibran. And I'd say true that. I and moti (am taking the liberty and calling you moti), became better friends when we were literally poles apart. We would mutate over times, changing and maturing, and eventually meeting all this people who would groom us and contribute to our life experiences. We lost touch and when we talked with after year or so, it felt like we had lot in common after all. She had grown as a person - wiser, stronger, better. I had changed along the way. And this time we kept touch. I can proudly say we are better friends now.

     The following year I went through some distractions and fell into those heartly matters. I have to admit that was harder than I thought and even though I have been mentally stronger one but as we say "heart has its reasons that heart doesn't know" I was living in oblivion. I learned that denying is not being strong its simply denying. I also learned that nothing is automatic in life - happiness, relationship, money - you have to work your ass off (or sometimes easily but work you must) to get 'em. She was going through the similar situations. Long story short am proud of myself that I came through it beautifully and as I look back I smile because it all happened, I don't regret that it happened and hell I wouldn't change a thing because whatever happened before the climax was so beautiful.

     I have to agree her situation was much worse but a scar is a scar and sooner or later all scar heals. It hurts when you cut one finger or two, so though different our experiences share some common grounds. And after all these time I realized she is still stuck. If only she could see through my eyes. She'd then see herself as this awesome person - bold, strong, sensible. If only she could see all the changes (good bits) she had brought onto herself since high school till today. Its amazing how much improvements I see in her.

     Though there are things I can't say in public forum like this, I however, have to agree discreetly that moti you deserve the good things in life. Letting go is just as important as breathing sometimes. It appeared as if you've sunk into the bowels of the earth during the period occupied by these fantastic and mundane feelings, and its about time to get in touch with what's innit for you. I've already told you the things that I had to and I just hope you suck it all in and put your best foot forward. Unlike what you think people do care, we are our experiences and we all have had our share of trial and turbulence's. People might not come up to you and offer all the help they can but they do care. May be sometimes we are the one holding back too tight and not asking for the help we need. We have to speak up if we want to be heard, stand up if we want to be seen and ask for help when we need it.

     Enough said. Let me remind you one last time that nothing comes automatic. Take one day at a time and pause to let good bits in and shove off the bad bits. Life is just too awesome not be lived the way you envision, and the time will come when we will look back, smile and would say I handled it the best possible way. So here's hoping that you get the things you deserve and most importantly you deserve the the things that you get. Much love. Stay insanely happy.


  1. thankx for such a suggestion ,,,gonna make my foot go ahead

  2. moti i meant right foot forward. change and progress can be two different things;) i luv'd wat u mentioned in ur facebook msg!!

  3. So nice friend you are. :) I felt like crying.

  4. aww u did!! i write to and about real pple under the tag :: salutation!! what's life where your loved ones don't even know how much they mean to you!! u should do that too... i've come to know it makes you feel just as good;)


stay insanely happy ♥