April 5, 2011

Do I (You) matter?

     Our lives are real our circumstances and casualties are real but we live a lie everyday we wake up. Our economy is planned whether it rises or falls, our presidents are picked for us. We are told who to love (Justin Beiber and Lebron James right now) and who to hate. Whose music to love and whose fashion sense to mock. They hype the movies calling it whatever names they can - be it summer blockbusters or 3D. Hell if it wasn't for the hype neither Harry Potter, Twilight nor The Da Vinci code would be the mega hit they are now. Our brains are fucked up big time so much so that what we see seems to be the best there is. The shampoo commercial advert that we see as frequent as 20 times more than the other shampoos suddenly seems more appealing (we never bother to cross-check/hell with it, why should we even cross check?). If you think with lil' more precision we all loved (when he was peaking) then hated (all those rumors) and then loved (after his death) Michael Jackson, and all of us did that in the same pattern, how awfully awesome. Some professions have already been decided as superior than the others, and some race/color/sex preference gets more rights than the other ones. We are programmed, we mimic each other and claim to be individualistic. I liking blue and others picking the yellow doesn't make me different. Choices alone doesn't make us different. But alas, what can we do? When will we know that we are letting ourselves to be controlled.? Yes, we study all week, do mundane chorus, eat. We party, drink beer, marry, and produce kid. We think we are genius but we are just a mimicker. Life is to become an artist or an inventor not a repeater... not at all.

     Sometimes I wish life was more like the play(scripted or not)/like movie; I don't mean I wish every life experience had the musical backdrop with synchronized dance moves, nor am I wishing for the slow motion action sequence with some antagonists and protagonists either walk off into the cold mountain delta and live happily ever after, but rather that we all had an audience, because even the most vile characters are felt deeply, given an audience, and the most beautiful ones are applauded or cried over; it's the audience that makes these people important - but we just go through everything with only a few people noticing and even those that do have no real insight into our own moral dilemmas or greatest achievements. We might be devoid of an audience but we are judged nonetheless and those who judge have no business judging. They neither know the struggles we have had, the tears we have cried, the love we have lost, the joys we have felt... but judge they will with worldly yardstick. Nobody wrote in our birth certificate that life would be fair, so be it. All I wish and all we wish is that we matter and hopefully we all do.


  1. much like the trueman show. i think life with an audience will be great too.

  2. thank you anonymous for taking the time to read. to tell you the truth i had no idea 'bout this movie until few days ago. one of my frens suggested this movie and i luv'd it. well i had written this blog entry much before watching "the truman show." and honestly, after watching it, i think that life of anonymity can be a gift too. depends on how we see it. thanks again;)

  3. was excited with the topic as if it was a surprise to me ! ''finally'' you were writing my familiar ''spiritual'' thing ; ! bit disappointed but i loved reading it ;)

  4. WOW... i m so excited I found your blog. I found you from twitter, seems like you are one of my few followers...hehe.I m glad I read this, you are very true in a lot of ways, especially the second sentence.

  5. such warm words. thanks tons. u keep up the good work okay. i like ur style of writing ;)


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