March 3, 2011

things i know for sure 1.

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     Starting today, I'd try to write something about things I know for sure. Lemme, remind myself and all you blog'buds that this is a mighty task. I was thinking earlier today about all the things I prolly know for sure and nothing (I repeat nothing), came to my mind. Even when I sit and try on my meditation skills I could never achieve that level of nothingness. But when I was talking with Sarina, who's literally like an agony aunt for me and one who gives me daily dose of positiveness (in small portions or big), I think I finally came up with one thing that is omnipresent.

     There are only number of things that I am sure or certain about, but I’m quite certain that there is a positive correlation between a person’s ability to embrace uncertainty and the degree to which that person enjoys life. Thoroughly put, you need to stretch your hands out and take what life throws at you and embrace it.. embrace uncertainties in life and enjoy the goodie good stuffs it brings alongside.

disclaimer :: googled pic
     Yes, we've choice to shut it down and we can always choose to de-channelize the stress uncertainty sometime brings along with it. But it also leaves out something far more important: All the really great stuff that we can’t even imagine. Things that are so incredibly amazing, they’re beyond our wildest dreams. Limiting uncertainties, limits ourselves. Like a robot we act and react the way out past has taught us and possibly never experience our full potential or experience serendipity. 

     There are things that needs to be planned but also you shouldn't be so immaculate with your plan that the blessing of uncertainty shuts its door towards you. After all certainty is the boring teacher and uncertainty brings all the fun with it. So follow your gut feeling and flash your dentals.

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