March 14, 2011

Rush hour minus Jackie Chan.

CURRENT STATUS :: 12:45 in the afternoon. Waiting for my brunch (in the microwave), and telling my first Shanghai story. PRELUDE :: nasty cab ride, helter-skelter hospital, awesome Jing'an view, White Day hype and short term memory loss.

     I have story to tell. Story which is happening hyphen unfinished. Its a story about a day in Shanghai which is proving to be nothing but topsy-turvy. I had bunked the early morning class today just so I could catch up with my sleep. Then buzzed the phone when I was basking in the morning glory. I had to rush to Huashan Hospital, which is another branch of my university, to meet Dr. Huang. You see, my dear friend Melda had fractured her leg and had this dilemma to go under the knife or not. Well there I was in a cab to get to the place which, by the way is in the  walking distance from where I live (desperate times, desperate measures).

     I just got myself in the worst cab ever; not that the cab was dingy but the cab driver was a nasty pimp. He kept on taking the wrong turns and we ended up far away from where I was supposed to be. I clearly remember giving his the proper address and directions. Meter running, he later blamed me for not telling him the address properly. Hello, which part of Wulumuqi middle road, lane 12, Huashan Hospital he didn't understand? And later he just told me to stop talking (I was talking with my friend in the cell). Yeah its funny but it was an emergency case and I was prepping over what to ask to the doctor. I could have stabbed the cab driver right about then but after reminding him to watch his motormouth, I told him to hurry up. He couldn't find the place even after five minutes, so I just paid him 15 khui (which was already tad too much than the normal price to get there), and he neither bickered nor apologized (cab meter read 30 khui).

     Lets just cut to the chase, there I was in the Hospital trying to figure where to go. Ain't the people who are working there supposed to be helpful? Instead they would make me run from department to department until I was literally tired and sulking. Long story short, I met the doctor, settled the case, blah blah blah. Out and about after Hospital, off I went to satisfy my greedy stomach. After quickie food fumble there I was in Jing'an area (one of my favourite places in Shanghai). There was this big hype about White Day all over the malls around Jing'an. I wondered what that was and googled it. Oh' well realized it was some sort of Valentines day seriously taken in and around Japan/South Korea. I never liked Valentines day in the first place so this new discovery was worth an eyeroll. But then i got to see this amazing view of golden roof of Jingan Temple (must see if you are in the city). Few snaps and *crap*, I was already late.

     Final destination: I had to sign this paper for a friend. I already entered the metro and then I remembered that I had forgotten to take her passport along with me. Sulk face again. So,  had to come back to my place and later go to this place to sign those papers and between all these, those, this and that I was getting little weary. So here I am telling you the story and hoping second half of my day goes well. Microwave informs that my food is ready. Good day peeps;)

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