March 6, 2011

a known fact :: repeated!!

     Parents always want their children to succeed irrespective of the field they choose. But still there are some conventional aspects in society that dictates that such and such professions are regarded as prestigious, high paying and such, and human beings can't remain untouched by such temptations.
     There is a big chasm between how today's parents grew up and how their children are growing up. Today's children have much more experience than their parents and generations before that ever had scope for. The changing world had widened the perspective of career. And hence there is a huge generation gap which needs to be filled or understood. While children have their own thought about their future, parents might be preoccupied with something else. Sometimes, these differences end up in conflict leaving both parties in confusion.
     Materializing all the dreams of the life might not be possible but attempt should be made to achieve goals in life. What if the goals determined by parents and children differ?
     It is the need of the time that parents guide children considering their interest and potential. It is completely absurd to force a child to something just for the sake of social status or parent's desire. Unnecessary interference, needless to say, might also bring adverse psychological effect. Hence, it is important that parents guide their children to pursue a path in which they are interested.
     Children might as well need to articulate what they want and try to persuade the doubtful parents and parents should understand that children from the age of 16-21 are perfectly in sense to choose the future they dream. Even government knows that and hence everything that ought to be legalized gets legalized during this phase (drinking, driving licence, and much more). And pressure is pressure even if it's honey coated. I suppose, too much of positive persuasion is sort of pressure too. "Honey, u'd be a great doctor", followed by a super smile won't suffice; it's still a pressure (though on a positive scale).
     I know this is something that is known already. It was one of fleeting thoughts and i just wanted to pen it down. Peace.

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