March 13, 2011

japan quake and the reminder....

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”

Current status :: Four-thirty in the morning. Sleepy, and hungry. Completely tired after a long day's toil, but nevertheless updating myself with Japan quake news.
Japan quake status :: 8.9 magnitude quake, devastating tsunami, thousands of lives lost, nuclear plant meltdown possibility (Fukushima plant already exploded), thousands missing, death and casualty number to increase in days to come.. and so much more!!

     This just reminds me that life is so much fragile than we can possibly imagine. So fragile. So fleeting. Here for a moment and then gone. Fragile, fleeting and beautiful. Let us remind ourselves that our time on the earth is nothing but simply a small dot in the large spectrum of time. Let us remind ourselves that death comes unannounced and it does not bargain. Let us remind ourselves that it could have been us and our loved ones. Let us remind ourselves that nature is so much more powerful  than we can fathom. Let us remind ourselves that we need time to do bit of soul searching to overview our life and then do the things that keeps us fresh and happy. Realising that we could die next second or minute can actually be the greatest learning experience. You might hopefully deduce that when you stare death in the face, you’re not thinking about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cars, jobs, titles, clothes or homes – you’re thinking about love. Love. It’s all that matters. Love for the people you care, love for the dreams you cherished and for the life you lived.

Foot-note :: Simply put, cherish the moment at hand. Days like March 11, 2011 change you. They come out of nowhere. Blue skies. Warm weather. Rolling waves. And notorious earthquake!!! My prayers to ones who are lost and also to those who are experiencing the horrible aftermath.


  1. So fragile. So fleeting. Here for a moment and then gone. Fragile, fleeting and beautiful.........i like this one.

  2. to this anonymous person who played moral inspector with me,

    let me begin by saying thank-you. the things i read just got me so inspired and caught up that i ended up using the material i wasn't supposed to. and i consciously exploited the thing i love the most-WRITING. right this moment i feel the only thing i am supposed to feel shame and guilt. i am sorry if i hurt your sentiment in any which way. i am not going to sit here and defend myself. its clear i made a mistake. and i am sorry. i hope you reply back and if you still think i can't be forgiven. i will abort this blog altogether. thank-you tons once again and hope you won't judge the other posts because of what just happened. i agree to the fact i made a mistake and am sorry. hoping that am reaching out to you.

  3. My intention is not to make moral judgment 。I apologize if I offend you. Your post are witty and very charming n adore ur lov towards writing. Keep writing for us!!
    In lots of ways we r bound 2 plagiarize. We plagiarize Newton ,Einstein, Mozart n many more .Its a compliment to those if we strive to give due credit to them.
    S'il vous plaît continuer à écrire!

  4. Rip to the victims of Japan Earthquake. Sympathy goes to their family as well. i pray for them.
    There are always people out there to judge you and your abilities. Don't worry my friend.


stay insanely happy ♥