March 22, 2011

Hinduism is much like Harry Potter...

i stumbled upon this masterpiece wn i was in
moganshan road. had me laughin loud,
and dont just notice mr.obama!!
look for the likes of other famous figures;)
     Whenever I come across the non-Hindu people and down to introducing myself I try to keep religion thingy aside. But whenever I mention that I am Hindu, I can see their awfully peppy face changing to awfully inquisitive one. I polietly try to escape the topic whenever there's a chance. To tell you the truth, its lot easier to explain things to the inquisitive kinds (they just nod their heads and, as I assume, pretend to understand) but there are always those smart-ass people that I meet sometimes, who'd ask me questions like "is cow your god?", "do you worship snakes?","your gods look funny"..... To be honest I understand where those questions are coming from!! I usually just say one thing, "Hinduism is much like Harry Potter and The Lords of the Rings combined." We have magical land, magical creatures much like Leprechauns and Dobby. We have numerous magical spells, demons, gods and goddesses who wear dress much like Scottish kilt and Victoria's secrets lingerie. We worship some animal and on the other hand sacrifice other animals in the name of the lord. We have Kama Sutra and more festivals than days in the year (not kiddin'). Some of us are totally disgusted while others go gaga over this indecipherable religion which by the way was high in fashion during flower-power era (I mean hippie era dumbo)

     My suggestions to those who try to understand Hindu ways of life, "stop trying, we don't get most part ourselves." And much like Christians who are baptised to be Christian, we are baptised to be Hindu too (no menu of choice). So it doesn't mean every Hindu you meet is into "save a cow campaign", some of us eat beef and yes we have a day for snake but don't scratch your head we don't understand it either. Much like people celebrating Christmas to be together with their family (get real not many go teehee on X-mas because baby Jesus popped out of nowhere), we celebrate most of our religious festivals in spirit of togetherness.

     So next time you meet a Hindu and really inquisitive, just tell him you are interested to know about Hinduism rather than asking delirious questions like "do you guys believe in haree krishna ding dong..?"


  1. Good writing!!.....but it surely is offensive to some!!

  2. i knew that as i was writing. i tried to maintain the neutral tone. thanks for taking your time to go through it;)


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