May 25, 2011

words = weapons

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt
     Like a razor sharp sword, words can help cut and trim the way for dramatic life changes and decipher hidden truths. Words can release intentions into the universe, and help us set goals, aspirations and describe dreams. Downside... same words mixed with evil intentions can also be used against us – to make us feel smaller, uglier or anything less than glorious. Spoken intently (depending upon the intention to be pious or evil), words can raise us up or tear us down. How wrong you are if you happen to think bullets and bombs to be the ultimate weapons of destruction. Try words. They can act like a slow poison... much like dementor's sucking the soul out of the body or can prove to be like a fatal knife culminating the life instantly. Pretend to be your strongest self but words can still affect you. I have come to learn that the person who claims to be the strongest isn't the one who cries the least but the one who cries the last. But then again who am I to deduce crying is weak. May be (just may be) those who cry easily and are pleased easily are in fact the bravest one; for they know we'll give it to our emotion sooner or later, so why wait and let pressure cooker effect sink in!!
     Touch wood, all of us have fail-safe mechanism when words are twisted to be used against us. As it turns out, each of us has a shield of protection. And trust me: I’m an expert. If I hadn’t used my shield of protection, I would have stopped many things (writing included) long ago. As I've mentioned time and again in many of my posts that nothing comes automatic. Learning to ignore the worst directed at you is very important. Correction, not ignoring but not choosing the worst directed at you as the priority is very important. I consider myself a mentally strong one and I advocate the same to others. I don't necessarily mean to be stone hearted but instead not react to negatives. In fact, you can become a cry baby if you want to, faint while you are depressed. You have to feel whatever it is that you need to feel but make sure you come out of it. Make sure you give self recovery a chance. Don't stay there and listen to mellow sad song when depressed but go out and try that new restaurant you've always wanted to try. March to the beat of your own drum and let not mundane little tittle tattle affect you. I’ve learned (quite effectively) to measure myself by my own internal standards – and not by the commentary or whims of other people. But then again easily said than done... but we should keep trying, right? Regardless of what people say or do, you are always free to react in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Three of my favourite words (that makes sense) :: Happy, Money, Life.
Three of my favourite words (that doesn't makes sense) :: Incognito, Serendipity, Chutzpah.
What are your favourite words my blog'buds?


  1. agreed... Words are powerful things. I guess its not much how they throw them at you but how you decide it affects you... it also works both ways, you have to be careful with what you say... You never know when your words decide to come back to you.

  2. Touched a nerve there! Nice! :)

    P.S. My favorite word is quirky, for god knows what reason!

  3. Three of my fav words(there r many though)- Family, Education & Freedom. I guess if u have these things u'll get happiness and money as well.
    Three of my Non-fav(particularly)- Violence, Inhumanity & Selfishness.
    Evil words=destruction
    Wise words=construction
    I dont like ppl who shows tears easily(only my point of view), cause what they usually get is sympathy. Talking about crybaby thing; When a woman cries not a lot of ppl notices cos women always cry but when a man cries ppl will definately notice cos they dont cry a lot. That means there is definately something serious or big that made him cry. Ahh too long comment. Sorry. It was a nice to read ur enchanting yet twisted words. Cheers

  4. thank you all;) ALICE :: true that!! LIZA :: "quirky"... such a quirky choice of favorite word!! lol LIMSHAKU :: how cud i forget to mention "freedom"... its one of my absolute favorite words too... in fact i plan to tattoo my calf with the word "freedom" someday;)

  5. Tatoo, oh sounds really cool. :)

  6. Words...they're cheap! You can buy a dictionary full of words for some 95 cent at Walmart...its the actions that matter. A person's action is ALWAYS the truest measure of their worth.
    But anyways, the second paragraph screams AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! :) loved it. loved it. loved it. loved it. *repeats again* :D

    My favorite three words : CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATE.
    My ONLY non-fav word : Regret!

    Cheers! ^_^

  7. "I have come to learn that the person who claims to be the strongest isn't the one who cries the least but the one who cries the last"--spoke my mind..spoke my heart....awesome read!!
    and here goes my three fav words::
    MMM=Mom,Music and Money :-))

  8. Love,Happiness,Beauty and Smile are my favorite
    Hatred,Jealousy,Selfishness and Arrogance the once I hate. The Article u have written is superb strophy! Words are just Magical which can make or break lives.

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stay insanely happy ♥