June 13, 2011

Thank gawd for there is Lady Gaga!!!

     Thank gawd for there is Lady Gaga!!! Call it weird, but weirdness is just another synonym for interesting... so I suppose!!! Just the other day I was watching an episode of "so you think you can dance." They have some pretty amazing dancers but what makes the hour long show so interesting is the fact that there are these weird groups of people who come to audition... and the best part they don't even know they are weird. In this particular episode there was this girl who claimed to be the daughter of one of the Beatles. In her words, "Not many people know this but yes my dad is the original member of the Beatles and as opposed to what others think he is alive... and I think everybody has a twin in the life. Mine is Lady Gaga." I tell you this girl was totally LOL worthy. But the fact is she made me laugh like crazy despite being all so weird, and we can always use some more laughs/smiles. And if you sit and ponder its the weirdness in life that brings the joy. What makes you unique. Its definitely not that thing which prolly millions of other people have as well. But it possibly is the third nipple, weird color of an eye, double thumb, super curly hair, super weird voice or just the coarky personality. Whatever it is, you know the most interesting part in you is the part that people call weird.

     I mean what's Lady Gaga without her awesome weirdness, what's Madonna without her scandalous ways, what's Paris Hilton without her randomness (I for one think she is smart)... its the weirdness which helps us set apart and eventually that weirdness might direct us to the center of the podium around which people will be applauding and cheering for us. That's why I say celebrate your weirdness. If you have the mole in the weird places or have the broken tooth... I'd say flaunt it. If you know how to dance the funny funky chicken dance or sing in the ways that people find really funny... I'd say show it. We are beautiful because we are so unique. So next time you are in the subway are there is somebody performing some weird things... stop... enjoy that fleeting moment and appreciate... appreciate the fact that the performer is there to add colors to our life with his/her uniqueness... with his/her weirdness!!!


  1. We're all weird... :P So truee... Being "normal" is boring... weird is coolest bestest thing to be weeee :D
    I like being weird and I'll stay that way :P

  2. i agree. being normal is just so BOR(wait for it)ING!!! stay crazy and stay insanely happy;)

  3. Everyone is wierd in their own way, so true and also true that that very wierdness makes them different. Lady GaGa is one helluva good example of that.Gaga's music is not my cup of tea though. :)

  4. know what!!! gaga call's her fan "monster" and herself "mother monster". that makes me one of her mosnter's:)

  5. I was about to write that there is no mention of love in between these "weird" stuff, but then I saw the bubble-kind-of-thing on the right and felt like this post was all complete. :)


stay insanely happy ♥