September 11, 2011

*countless needless needs*

     Being human, we've got to follow many of our humanly instincts. We love, hate, cry, rant, rave, complain, smile, laugh, lust. And then there are needs ... ... ... countless needless needs. Need to impress all, need to get the latest gizmo's, need to earn fuck-loads of money, need to buy and collect countless needless things. Talking about collecting needless stuffs ... ... ... last Saturday I and a friend went to Ikea to buy the extra storage stuffs. And a thought hit my mind. I looked around. Beneath those tall ceiling and flashy lights, man from every directions were quietly and carefully picking up something they really didn't need - AN EXTRA STORAGE STUFFS (satisfying there bizarre need to collect countless needless stuffs). If you've ever been to Ikea you know exactly what I mean. Yes, dear readers I've come to the realization that we buy stuffs to store other stuffs. If you think about it, it really is strange. Ikea is filled to the brim with storage solutions like shelves, cupboards and containers. We have so much stuff that we spend money on more stuff, just to put it all in. Ikea even has stuff for your stuff for your stuff. Once, I was flipping through the pages of the book and one particular paragraph read -
Instead of organizing our lives, our energy would be better spent simplifying them… getting rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful. So many times in our materialistic society we spend time on organizing all the stuff we accumulate… clothes, gadgets, etc. Instead of trying to organize all of our “stuff” we could take the time to simplify and donate the things we don’t use or throw out knickknacks and gadgets we don’t use.
     And the heart of the matter is that more we collect things that we really don't need, more time we need to clean 'em, to organize 'em, de-clutter 'em. Which leaves us less time to do the things we really ought to do or love to do. So go back to your storage box that you've been meaning to de-clutter, take a long breath and let go of things you don't need. Keep close to you the things, you think, are joyful and beautiful. Love y'all readers. Much love.


  1. Not-a-Copy Paster said...
    [Out of context]
    This is a perfect place to write about your copy-paste tweets:

    Why is it dt u prefer copy pasting, rather than coming up with ur own creative stuffs? For instance, ur twitter timeline is almost full of stuffs that u simply copy paste from others & the web. And furthermore, you kinda act like you came up with all the hilarious stuffs. I always google what u tweet n laugh at YOU, for being a fool and copy pasting.

    Dude, if u seriously have respect for others, the creativity they have, the humor they arouse, then please use #copypaste tag in ur tweets, please! Don't fool your followers into believing dt u actually came up with this stuff. If u find something funny in the web, and want to share the humor, u should use tags as #copypaste #viaweb etc.

    If u start using tags, and give the credit instead of pathetically taking all, I will follow u again. Be yourself dude. If u can't come up with funny stuffs, then you're not funny urself. And u shouldn't try to be one by copy-pasting, when u urself are good at stealing rather than being funny. Be yourself, tweet original, else be a thief and a poser, cause that's what u are currently good at.

    Get a life! and respect others. Don't be pathetic by copypasting. if u still have some dignity, use #copypaste #viaweb tag.

  2. Dear smarty-pants, thanks for actually taking a time to visit a blog and rant. To begin with, am all so impressed that u came up with TWEET RULES all by urself. I never claimed that all of 'em were originals. I just tweet 'em coz I found 'em charming and joyful. And thank gosh you un-followed me. Do me a favour and block me ... ... ... that way u actually don't have to bother googling my tweets and get all so stressed (coz i don't plan to stop anytime soon). Secondly, thanks for preaching 'bout originality. Prolly, i'll copy paste your words and use it in my school report. Thirdly, please go over whatever i just wrote so that you don't have to reply me again. Finally, no hard feelings. Am sane enough to understand whatchu mean. Its just that i never claimed or pretended that all 'em tweets were mine. Seriously!!! why did u even think so? Twitter is a huge domain i hope u meet ur kinds. Stay insanely happy.

  3. LOL "Ikea even has stuff for your stuff for your stuff." Nice Read BTW.

  4. BTW why did u name ur blog after Mika's album name? 'Life in a cartoon motion' is Mika's debut album. Can't come up with some original creative name rt? I knew it. Just copy pasting again. You are such a big copy cat.

    Grow some balls dear. Instead of having a pussy. U are so girlish. And BTW the 'moi' was coined by emo-girls. So please stop using that too. Sounds kiddish, girlish and gay. Also 'teenie weenie twaddle' makes u sound not mature. Please grow up from ur cocoon of childish and girlish behaviour. Be a MAN with BALLS! Don't be a GAY, LIL BABY with a big vagina!

    --with regards: Not-a-copy-paster

  5. Here's your reply-

    regards: not a copy paster

  6. o.O i defo don't want to be called egoistical. and i really thought you were a "dude." i am not in anyways trying to start a fresh argument. i checked ego at the door and there are parts i totally agree withchu.

    "Why are u guys all the same? we girls are different." -->> i've never generalized girls. it just that i didn't know you were one, for whatever reasons.

    "For you, it hurts to give credit, and it seems u try and hide the source." -->> wish i knew the source. am not trying to plagiarize but there are so many one-liners which you find and their original mind is lil' hard to trace.

    "I have seen people reply on ur copy-pasted tweets as 'You are funny', 'Nice tweets' and stuffs like dt. But u never tell them, 'No, its not me dts funny, i copied it from the web', do u ever?" -->> this is a valid accusation. i've told pple they're not mine often times but i see your point. i could use #viaweb tag. you're right.

    i don't think i'll stop using prolly and watchu. you sounded almost like a bully there. "moi" could be an ego girl thing ... but am keeping it. you just went way too personal. "teenie weenie twaddle" might make me look immature but that's how i intended to write it (and am not a writer. i just found out that i loved writing just few months ago and it'll take a longish time to get the level of maturity). it's really trashy of you to say so.

    i can be shallow sometimes, oh'well that might make me look fake. no thoughts on that ... everyone has a perspective. and i absohappylutely love my name. i just don't want it be all over the blog and twitter. about "life in cartoon motion" ... man!!! wish i could show you how big of a MIKA fan i am. my tweet buds know its MIKA's first album. i've told 'em so often times.

    it was great to get a reality check from you. but you didn't suggest me my friend. you just trashed and got way too personal. and about the GAY thing... seriously!!! i hope u've reasons to come back and read the other blog-posts. they might be lil' shallow and immature but i actually put some thoughts into it. i'd love to get your critique on my other posts but let's just not make it personal this time.

  7. I got my eye on u! :)

    --with regards: Not-a-copy-paster :)

  8. Hey Shailesh, I've been to ikea and i also end up being like a 5 yrs old girl in a candy shop. I'd rather not go there. There r countless things to buy and needless things to fulfill in life. Don't let the distractions get on your way. We love your writing. 'Moi', 'teenee weenie twaddle' is the words that mentions you most, the carefree and white/black sanity thing. Stay insanely Happy.

  9. what you wrote here is what I always think about, but, then, coming to no conclusion, I let the thought "store" in my subconscious or somewhere...thus, keeping things out of our senses (out of sight, out of mind) has been the best way for me :)

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