February 22, 2011

smiles in abundance:)

To the fren whom I can not name here.
     Though we bump into many people, few we call frens. And among those frens, few I consider like a piece in jig-saw puzzle helping me to create a bigger picture. Though I can't meet you in person but my spirit is with you. I come off as inconsiderate and rude (which you rightfully pinpoint often times), but I think only good of you and nothing-else. The sort of decision you've taken not only requires all your strength to be centered but the prospect of outcome can only scare the living daylights. But despite all those aforementioned things, right decision remains right (no matter whoever it is, saying otherwise- be it your spouse, you family, or frens). I have known you through years. Started when you were boyish and sheepish, and now to firm and responsible man. Though I can't meet you now or anytime soon, let me just remind you that "you are not alone." No good deeds goes unpunished and trust me things will work out just fine. I embody a motto that I recently heard articulated as “more time with fewer people.” For me, it’s about cultivating a small number of high quality relationships with a handful of people that I know and love. Time needed such frens of yours will stand by your side (and so will your family) because they love you for who you are and not what they think you are. And never compromise in your happiness. Learn to demand what you deserve. As I always say stay insanely happy;) and yes I will be a fren you ask of me. Simply put I will there when you need me.. either in person or spirit.. don't you ever doubt that!!

This is just a sweet reminder that the decision you've taken is right. I hope you got the answer to the question you were bugging me with. I had't quite understood  what you actually meant yesterday in our Skype chit-chat, so came off as pompous person. Do forgive. C'ya.

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