April 30, 2011

looking without really seeing!!

live to love your life;)
     The tiny fragments of life. Those brief snapshots that transport us from maelstrom of everyday life and put us into a state of calm reflection, affording us a true sense of clarity. Even while we are surrounded by the usual facade of daily industry, it is always possible to separate ourselves away from the chaos, to notice the smaller details or merely to view things from a different perspective. It is thus important to pause and look at such tiny pieces of life, and remind ourselves that we can, sometimes, look without really seeing.
     It is in those placid moments of our life when you get the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and see how we've let ourselves get entangled into the banal and humdrum rules. How such and such rules are dictated to be followed and others not to be. And I am talking about going wild and killing people, but the mere rules of earthly day-to-day lives. It is thus, very ardent to rid yourself from such mundane affairs and to let go of inhibitions and indulge in guilty pleasures. Its hilarious how insanity helps to restore your sanity sometimes. Last night, my pals and I decided to go out for some casual drink. Ended up going to this bar with some live bands and man were they good..!! Just wish I had taped 'em to share their music with you guys. Anyways, we ordered some drinks, got high and sneaked out without paying a dime. Not so civil thing to do, I know, but haven't we all done something which challenges our civility once in a while. Got out and ended up in the public park and smoked 'something I ought not to mention here' and partied till the wee hours. I tried not to drink too much though. Just the last Wednesday, I just got high just on beers (don't ask how I got to that point!!). Had to puke all the way to my home. Word of advice don't take a cab when drunk. The speed and turns around the highway just makes it worse. As of now I feel really tired and intend to rest through the weekend after all that night trotting. But I'll take that as refueling myself to tackle the social and earthly humdrum of the following week. You may as well fulfill your social obligations during the weekdays but indulge yourself with what you love during the weekends.
     So, my blog buddies tell me what are the things you'd prefer to do during the span of your weekend?


  1. Hahah I'm not much of a rule-breaker or anything. Mostly I like spending weekends on friends and family, get my head out of the "norm" and relax. Getting drunk can be fun in the right circumstances and with the right people :)altho for now i'm staying away from it (just for a while)

  2. Seems like u had nice time there, gone r those days for me. anyways hope u didn't spat out the 'words of truth' u know like people tend to say 'truth but only truth' about love,frenship and hatred during the high times. Sometimes its fun to be carefree and be like that but none of these actions sud reflect in ur profession. hehe. About spending the weekend,,uuhhmm i would probably rest and go to park for fresh air.

  3. park is an awesome option too. i prefer park strolling during the evening time;) i must have spat some words of truth but don't worry i'm happy kind of drunk.. i mean some get violent after getting drunk, some turn into crybaby, some horny but as for me i laugh a lot!! not bad aaie. and i guess i sud write my next post 'bout different kinds of drunk pple. thanks buds for giving the idea;)

  4. Hehe now i know how how u know i was going to park. Stupid me, told u myself n asking u as well haha. I too laugh a lot wen m drunk, infact 2 things i do most wen m a bit tipsy; laugh a lot and speak in english. I dont know y i do dat. Anyways lets see wat u got in ur next blog. Till then c ya.


stay insanely happy ♥