September 15, 2011

*million lil' ways to perceive things*

     Once in a while I love breaking rules just for the heck of it. Come to think of it truth / reality is just the point of view. Any given circumstance can be interpreted in different perspectives. And everyday, we're bombarded with zillion perspectives from media, family, friends, religion - seems like everyone is trying to define what reality is for each of us. And it is up to us to challenge those perspective and accept only the ones that resonate at the personal level.
     They say we believe what we see but in actuality it's the opposite. We see what we believe. So once in a while we need to take a short vacation from the life and re-define our perspective. The delusional perspective that presidents are more important than paupers is just silly. We're all important and our worth is intrinsic. Not that we don't know this already but its amusing to ponder how easily we chose to ignore the fact. Just the other day, one friend bare open one fresh perspective. According to him the world is one big boring place. If you're bored, it says very little about this grand magnificent and dynamic universe. On the other hand, it says a lot about you, your perspective, and your inability to participate in this dance of life. That elders are supposed to be respected - bare in mind, we don't respect age. We respect the knowledge that comes with it. And if the knowledge that comes with age is conservative and not modern parse - we should be able to voice our opinions.
     Rules are fun to break (think bunking classes, sneaking out of home, those balcony smoking sessions). And throughout the history of world, society has made some pretty outrageous rules (women in Nepal, for example, are obvious victims). Rules on religion have clearly crossed the boundaries. Religious rule made centuries ago still dominate the current society. And judging from society's track record, society lapses in the judgement continue through today. Simply put, faith and blind-faith - as we all know - are not exactly the same things. When religious rules take over humanity; its prolly time to re-define the religion or even change it if necessary. Let's not forget, religious books (be it Bible, Quran or Gita) were not handed down from god (however you chose to define god), they were written by mortal hands. So, if necessary, we should be able to question 'em.
     In conclusion, breaking shit is not only fun, but it’s also a necessary ingredient in a life well-lived. We need not ingest everything that society spews in our direction. We have the ability to contemplate perspectives and embody those that we enjoy and break the ones that we don’t. Remember rules around us are worth reconsidering sometimes. There are always million lil' or big ways to perceive things. Chose the one's which resonate well at the personal level.


  1. I liked it when you said, we respect the experience and the experience an elderly people have, age is just the number you told me once. You did proved to me that your writing makes a difference. Take care and write often!
    Your avid blog follower Miss Limbu :)

  2. Oops i meant knowledge and experience!


stay insanely happy ♥