June 14, 2011

*my kinda song*

     I haven't been blogging much lately; but after oodles of days toil, I come back home and freshen up. Music is must after that. But lately there's been change in a pattern. I go out with this new friend (for late night coffee or drink or two) who is musically equipped as well. Hence, I've been listening to songs that I normally wouldn't. I deduce, if you feel passionately about something... SHARE IT. It'll let you see things from different perspectives. Getting back to the topic... SONGS. People often remember things after they see certain some souvenirs or they see a certain some places or they taste certain some foods. As for me memories come gushing in after I hear certain some songs (blast from the past). Yes, in my case it's fit to say certain some songs brings memories back to me. And I end up feeling super nostalgic after listening to 'em songs.

     Fresh out of school, I had attended this wedding anniversary. My cousins and I decided to dedicate a song to uncle-auntie who were happily married for 25 years. We picked the song "Stand by me" by John Lennon. I sang my heart out... Twice!!! The celebration was followed by crazy dancing in some cheesy bollywood numbers, one of which was "Beedi jalaile." And now as I give a listen to any one of these two songs, I go back to the time where families were together. Parents were younger... I was younger. How times change!!! As a child I would dance to the song "Humma humma" like crazy. Anybody who'd see me would inquire, "Baabu, would't you dance on humma humma again!!!" And guess what, I did every single time. As I watch the videos now, they crack me up. Is it only me or do everybody feel certain discomfort to see oneself in the video? Anyways am happy I danced, I smile as I think of those times. "It's a time to disco." Ahh... how we danced in this song when we were out in school trip. Every time I listen to this song I go back to that picnic venue when we were typical teenagers. We danced and the amused by-passers would clap and whistle. Yes, songs bring memories gushing back to me.

     There are different kinds of songs (pop, country, hip-hop, what not...) but the best ones are those which take you back to the place where you first listened to 'em. Would't you agree? What is you SONG blog bud's?


  1. Widout Muzic Life becomes soulless. I listen 2 everykind of muzic from Rock,Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop,Country Hindi, Nepali among otherz. Depends on the mood actually :) Muzic cheers u up wen ur down, lifts u up, removes ur loneliness and can sumtymz b ur only fren in times of Sadness :) ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬

  2. I agree, and i also listen to every kind of music. I really appreciate and admire those people who can create such fine piece of creativity. Every song i listen brings me some kind of memories from past. Once my friend said,' for any song to be forever green, the lyrics has to b well written.' I think she's right 100%. every song has its meaning thats why its so nice to utter those words. Anyways keep listening to your kinda music and be happy. :)

  3. like SambY said the type of music you listen depends on the mood you are in(at least, in my case). sometimes listening to intense metal songs feels so good and sometimes the sad ones..but best things about them is they actually make you feel good :)..\m/


stay insanely happy ♥