February 13, 2011

joyeux anniversaire!!

to the good times. cheers!!
     The measure of a friendship isn’t how long it lasts – it’s about the laughs, experiences and good times that you shared. Nothing can discount that or take it away. And sometimes the best way to honor the friendship is to let it flow and let it mutate overtime and accept the changes and differences. You and I (namely Mumta n' Sailes) have been a solid friend for a long time now and I intend to keep it that way. We might have had a bumpy ride during the language years, but as I mentioned things change and people change and that is what makes us and our gifted life even more interesting.

     I have always been a very rational person. I reflect a lot. What people do for or against me and how things unfold with me goes a long way and I respond accordingly. Like everybody I have had my share of mistakes and and my share of nastiness, but I have always met people who have been patient with me, taught me one or two things and added joy and color to my life. You, Mumta, are one of such people. You have been anything but patient with me. I don't believe in testing friends but you have outdone in proving how good of a friend you are to me. And in your bornday, am just letting you know that the feeling is mutual.

     Good things happen to good people (I am a big fan of KARMA theology//lol). I just hope you'd always keep on meeting right people (like me//lol) and your life is filled with joy and some more joy. And best of people don't necessarily have best of everything, but they make best use of everything they have. You are testimony to that.

     Birthdays have been such a big affair in our life and this year should me no exception. Here's wishing you another year of awesomeness. Hope things you deserve come along your way and moreover you deserve the things you get. Hope you get to do all the things you've always wanted to do. Hope you get more of tummy-aching laughter and happiness in insane doses. Hope u let go of all the people and energies which doesn't serve you highest of purpose. Hope you create  new experiences instead of reliving the old ones. Hope you let your spirit sour and let your heart sing its song. Happy bornday Mumta. This article is my gift for you. And as i would always say 'stay insanely happy':)

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  1. i am speechless:]
    u r the greatest gift i ever had .
    with in the short period,, u make a big place in my heart ...
    the gud n bad moment we went through ..
    even the happi n sad moment .,,u never let me mess upp..
    we stuck together when we r fear ,,
    we laugh together when we gear ,,
    we forgot even the meal to eat when we go crazy in talkk. u always been there in my pain .. in my happiness... never get tired listening to me .... thnk u s much for being there in every moment .
    Yaaron Dosti, Badi Hi Haseen Hain,
    yeh Na Ho To, Kya Fir, Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hain,
    Yaaron Mohabbat, Hi To Bandagi Hain,
    Yeh Na Ho To, Kya Fir, Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hain,.

    Meri Har Ek Burai Pe, Daante Woh MERA Dost SAILU,
    Gham Ki Ho Dhoop, To Saaya Bane, Mera Woh Dost,
    Naache Bhi Woh, Meri Khusi Mein...

    Tan Man Kare, Tujh Pe Fida, Mehboob Woh,
    Palkon Pe Jo Rakhe Tujhe Mehboob Woh,
    Jiski Wafa Tere Liye Ho...
    Are Yaaron Mohabbat, Hi To Bandagi Hain,
    Yeh Na Ho To, Kya Fir, Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hain.

    i am blessed n proud to get a freind like you.
    The ship we r sailing will b sailing forever n ever.

    ""Ye dosti hum nahi todenge
    Todenge dum magar tera saath na chhodenge""

    LOVE YOU !!


stay insanely happy ♥