June 23, 2011

i doesn't care. let's not make sense!!!

     I said something and my friend reacted, "you don't make sense." I was like, "I doesn't care. Dude don't go too deep!!!" I mean just think, think again, do we really have to make sense all the time? What's seriousness after all? Is it that if you have the serious face and act calm/composed you are more serious than the opposite kinds. I beg to differ. Just for fun's sake, let's write some random stuffs. Let's just say things we like and dislike without adding much sense to what we are saying. Here's what I've to say.

     Did you read my latest Facebook status it reads, "what happens in exam : tick tok, mind block, pen stop, eye pop, full shock, jaw drop, time up, no luck, oh fuck!!! raise hand if you disagree :)." I for one think this is an awesome status because its totally true. Let's bitch. I saw some people who were totally over dressed. Some people wouldn't understand that skinny jeans and fat genes don't go well together. Oh'well I had written a post on this one before. Do people irritate you sometimes. I mean they really fuck your happiness sometimes. Am an atheist (don't ask why) but if there's a god I'd pray that the person who tries to fuck with happiness (anybody else's), may his or her hand grow shorter that he or she can't reach his or her ass to scratch (लु जा त ). I found this new kewl abbreviation today -- ROFLYSHST (Rolling Over Floor Laughing Yet Some How Still Typing). True that. I mean some people just need to drop down their brag-o-meter. I know you are not drunk. You some how manage to write a full sentence in Facebook/Twitter with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation; yet at the end add this stupid sentence "am so drunk that I can't see anything." Two word for 'em liar's BIG BOOHOO. And wad'up with people with fake accents. You moron I can tell its fake and so does every body. How come you don't know it sounds funny on you. What else... hmm... am not liking the global news. I mean does news always have to be sad and depressing. Its either about war or natural disasters. Oh'yes in my last post I said "I like french-fries more than some people." I still vouch for that. and... ah'yes am totally digging into Twitter now. I just love it. I found so many kewl people there. P.S. I found some freaks too. I don't mean kewl types of freaks... more like creepy kinds. Ahhh... I still have three weeks of exam time (hell), then I'd go back to my roots N.E.P.A.L!!! Lets compile things now. O.K let's not. I read some fortune cookies today. I seldom do. Let's change the paragraph. This one is getting too long.

     Little known shy-less (read shailesh a.k.a strophicus) fact : whenever I'm in china town, I always buy a bag of miscellaneous fortune cookies. I try to eat a fortune cookie every day (a big lie). Speaking of fortune cookies, I thought it would be fun to make a few imaginary ones of my own on this beautiful night. Am insomniac. Well sorta. Let's begin...
  • Life is as boring as you are.
  • Better to shoot for the star and land on the moon than shoot for the mountain and reach it.
  • To find yourself. Get lost.
  • Like flies to poop, people are drawn to your smile.
  • Everything is better naked. (get nasty)
  • Try try try until you quit. I mean quitting right is an art and seriously how many times you want to make fool of yourself!!!
  • Insulting others says less 'bout them but more 'bout you. (ahhh profound)
  • You are the shit. (imagine reading this in a fortune cookie, you'd ask for refund. lol)
  • The blame game has no winners.
  • When you are 80 years old; your job won't hold your hand.
  • You'll be happy when you stop telling yourself, "I'll be happy when..."
  • He who defends himself has no time to live.
     Yawn, I think its getting too long and I already wrote mother load of horse shit. My point being you don't need to be articulate all the time to make sense. And yeah people often say "don't just sit there, do something" but sometimes you need to do the opposite. I'd say "don't just do something, sit there." Answer me people WHAT THOUGHT WOULD YOU LIKE TO STICK INSIDE A FORTUNE COOKIE?


  1. hey just started reading ur blogs..they are awesomee...

    1. ty's aaie!!! i hope you find more reasons to come back and read more. :)


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