March 3, 2011

..all that bickering!!

     FIGHT or FLIGHT. These are two vital/basic human instincts, so much so that these two F's are even included in the medical curriculum. Yes, you might not know whether or not you have it in you but given a circumstance you will either fight or flight, both in accordance with how desperate you are to save yourself. If you've watched the movie 127 hours then you are familiar with the quote so fitfully used "there is no force on earth more powerful than the will to survive." no denying that... but think again... We are humans and hence, we need more than just a survival. We need mundane emotions, needy phone calls, clingy hugs and likes of such desperate show-offs to feel alive. Surviving alone won't suffice. We need to feel wanted, to love and to hate... Oh'well talking about love/hate makes me realize I haven't written about it much lately... So, let's compile the things we hate, shall we? Ahhh, we all know those arseholes, the kinds we call buzz kill. They just know how to kill the perfect happy moment and make it awkward and nasty. Below are some of the things I hate about such people...

  • When I am wearing a jacket or sweater inside and someone trying to be funny says “Are ya cold?” (subtitle : f%*@#ing MORON. es, I’m f%*@#ing COLD! f%&#K // actual response : lol. yeah!! am cold. have a good day!!)
  • Teachers : They control our clothes, our language, our routine, our learning, our learning place but they have gone too far with our bladder (go wanker, its call piss. it comes uninvited and yes, and no, I can't wait until the bell rings. big boohoo)
  • Maths : Chill, I know its important. Fractions and stuffs I get it but why on earth we need to go through bullshits of topics I'll never use in my life. What's calculator for? Ahhh, maths tormented me in school BIGTIME and in some queer way still does.
  • I hate it when in school, I write something so good for a contest, but later find out I failed. I mean, I worked my butt off for something I loved and they say it isn’t good. At least say the parts you like!
  • It’s weird, icky, and gross. That’s your personal business. Especially on a public site like this. You want the whole world to know who you’re dating? Keep it to yourself.
  • People talking in the cinema hall. (seriously, atleast shut up when I stare at you. that's like a sign!!)
  • People who brag like they are the center of the world (I don't care even if Queen gave you a blowjob and King cleaned your shit. I don't care if Obama is your first cousin or you were invited to royal wedding as VIP. It's time for you to shut up)
  • People making that noise while chewing food. (SCREAM)
  • I hate it when I browse through a Nepali page and Google asks me "do u want to translate it into Hindi?" // Google doesn't know everything afterall;)
  • People flashing their mobile display while at movies. ("I wish i was a serial killer, I'd so murder you"-->thats how I feel)
     Enough already. Too much teenie weenie twaddle about the things I hate. I have broader list under the title Love vs. HateSo my blog buds, do tell me what are the things that you find obnoxiously intolerable? What is it that you hate the most?


  1. Dear saathi, i understand wat u've written here but to be honest didnt really get the main point of this post. I also damn hate it wen google wants to translate nepali to hindi, chinese or any other language. Finally, I would rather Fight and take that fearful Flight than to live with Fear and life which is dull.
    Btw i wrote that post about 'does swearing makes you cool?' hmm it does makes u cool but not to swear at your or others parents.
    I feel like writing a whole post full of swearing words hahaha
    Keep posting. Cheers!

  2. lol. i don't know the gist of the post myself;) i was free and hence decided to write something. not everything has to make sense (i suppose!!) about FIGHT or FLIGHT... its human instinct saathi... we've both of that in us... sometimes walking away form mundane fights is wise decision than losing an energy and breath over it. and about the swear post you wrote... i already commented there and i write it again here, i never advocated nor supported swearing at one's own parents. we swear not to look/appear cool but to express i guess... sometimes swearing can be helpful;)


stay insanely happy ♥