June 19, 2011

conjure up thoughts...

     There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Literally forcing myself to think positive but I have to admit I LIKE FRENCH-FRIES MORE THAN I LIKE SOME PEOPLE!!! I don't f#@$#ing care!!! How does one force oneself to be positive? How does one manage to keep the child in him/her alive? How does one keep trusting people? How does one lead a life only with people they love? I absolutely love my life and *god bless* I've been real lucky with people. I've best of people surrounding me and anybody other than that is simply the plus one in my life. Good things happen but bad things are unavoidable as well. How does one keep a good attitude and positive mind-set in times of desperation? How does one manage to over-come worst of situations and stay positive? How does one deal with hypocrites?

      I might not have million things to be proud about but I say with all the poise that am not a hypocrite. And once betrayed I think lowly of people who betrays me with such classless act. I absofuckinglutely hate hypocrites. I am not claiming here that I've been through low valley's in life but then again everybody have their fair share of low's. I seek no answers for life is amazing, answers will come when you are ready. Yes, answers will come in the ways you can not fathom. I just need to stay strong and let KARMA take its toll. Luck and Destiny are over-rated. Whereas KARMA is something I believe in. Not that I'm saying it works in magical ways but it sure does work. Good deeds when set out to the universe... multiplies... and comes back to you. So does the bad deeds. So in times like this... I've to stay calm and face the sunshine. Life is beautiful. You just need to focus on all the good people and good things that has happened to you... and you'll see how BEAUTIFUL LIFE actually is. Count your blessings. Count it again. And again. And again. Let yourself know people who talk behind your back are in good position to KISS YOUR ASS. It's never a good feeling when rumor about you is being spread or things about you are shown in negative shade of light but you've to take a fleeting moment... to breathe... to reflect on the situation and let yourself know you've enough good things to easily overshadow the bad one's. Don't let one person to ruin your mood, your decisions, your hopes, your dreams, and most of all your perception about people in general. Despite everything I think there is still some good in even the worst of people and that people are actually good at HEART, that respect is a two-way train, that smile is better than a frown, that the hug is more powerful than the punch, that we are greater than the situation we are in, that life is so amazing that you can just marvel at it and love. But despite all this I stand corrected, " I LIKE FRENCH-FRIES MORE THAN I LIKE SOME PEOPLE." For man is not only known by the company he keeps but also by the ones he avoids. I refuse to give up. Take it or leave it.


    1. I especially like first few sentences n last few sentences a lot. Seems like something or someone is bothering you. Well, for me; if ppl talks about me in a bad way i think they're too jealous of me. That makes me work harder to make them more jealous although i care less about their jealousy. I'll do things that makes me happy. N u r so damn true in your last few sentence, it also counts important about the bad company you avoid. Cheers

    2. You read pple well. I wrote this b'cuz I needed to clear my head. And you are right the best revenge is success. Self happiness, just like you stated, is the most important thing. Much like perfume, you can't spread the fragrance of happiness without spraying few drops onto yourself. Cheers to you as well and o'course STAY INSANELY HAPPY.


    stay insanely happy ♥