January 28, 2011

in persuit of perfection

(written somewhere in 2005!!)

     I was standing in the lanes of city. I overheard two teenagers debating over who was more over weight, each stretching her belly out. I started giggling. Not that i consider myself as a perfect person, but its always fascinating to see how people think that they are the only ones with problems. We always come across people who picker about the way they they look. Including you and me. Some are desperate to lose weight, some to gain. Dark complexion ought to be "fair and lovely", fair to be tanned. Curly hair to be straightened, and so on. Seems like everyone wants to be someone but oneself.

     "Must you look like Brad Pitt or Halle Berry to be admired" says who? O.Winfrey. She may not be awe inspiring glamdoll but she reigns in million hearts. She sure does belong to astounding world of media but her true beauty lies in her altruistic humanitarian service more than her appearance. Nicome Kidman being portrayed as author Virginia Woolf in "The Hours", Charleze Therone in " The Monster and Salma Hayak as Frida In "Frida" were audacious because they not only had to trust aside their beauty but turn into unglamorous historical characters. Consequently they were highly appreciated for their dedication to the extreme. Ofcourse, there was more to them than their humble makeup. Kidman and Therone went away with Academy award for their performance.

     Appearance is the major concern in our lives. We are always worried about the what others think about us, rather than concentrating on our own needs. Everyone waiting to be slim, pretty, brawny and handsome because that is what others expect of one. We meet lives toggling to meet others configurations but do we consider our own aspiration?

     The lust of perfection is irresistible among people. What unfolds us as a consequence is the horrible escape of physical and mental trauma. The problem with us is that we live our lives according to stupid and arbitrary beauty standards. The moment we idolize people, we at once seek to be like them. Why can be appreciate them  while also being ourselves?

     I once watched a controversial documentary on Michael Jackson. The most upsetting thing there was the response of people who were making such a big deal out of his plastic surgery. He aint the first one to undergo plastic surgery and he wont be that last one either. Its like people are unhappy, and they always look for the chance to make others feel miserable as well. Personally, I feel it is okay to opt for the styles that suit you better, until and unless its done at the cost of your life.

     Just recently the line from one particular line from a book caught my attention "most people, who look at the mirror, tend to look at their imperfections rather than their perfections"..how true!! Its hard to believe people who endue cool looks are most often blues. They tend to opt for certain styles just for the heck of it. So i question "how can the first impression become the last impression", for it can almost always be deceptive. Its not just about appearance but about everything; life, relations....!! We are always overwhelmed that someone is always better than us. May be there is nothing like real eye opener. Nothing we speak or do can bring about a change in ones complex. Dissatisfaction is our instinct, and that is what makes us what we are. Let me  end it with the famous lines from Eleanor Roosevelt.."do the things which is in your heart to be right, for you will be criticized anyway". So respect your individuality and be the columbus of your own soul.


  1. "people think that they are the only ones with problems", this is so true n all the other things tht u have mentioned like, most people, who look at the mirror, tend to look at their imperfections rather than their perfections... i so much agree wif u

  2. hey there, Hydrangea read my mind, i was gonna write the same thing hehe. I think we need to learn that atleast we got something dat someone ppl don't have. Grown up in a family, each demand fulfilled, fed and educated properly and even freedom. wat else we need. pair of eye to see, legs to walk and hands to work; a well functioning mind and some other (private) things. In some ways someone might be better than us thats for sure but in many other ways we might be better than them, its just a natural balance i guess. anyways as u as in ur own words 'stay insanely happy' :)

  3. correction in last sentence- Anyways as u say in ur own words 'stay insanely happy'.


stay insanely happy ♥